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Way Elementary School is located just east of Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  Taking a modern approach to education to ensure that the students are prepared for a twenty-first century world, Way Elementary School focuses on learning versus work as well as providing knowledge and promoting growth and independence.  Way Elementary provides a rich learning experience while ensuring a safe community to learn rather than just being a school.   Considered the best elementary school in the Bloomfield Hills School district, Way Elementary boasts a ranking in the top 4% of elementary schools in Michigan.
Way Elementary


There’s a lot to love about the area when you live near Way Elementary School and within the Bloomfield Hills Schools boundary.  Bloomfield Hills is consistently ranked as one of the top five wealthiest cities in the entire country and is surrounded by beauty and culture.  From downtown Birmingham to the east with its fine dining and shopping to the lakes and parks to the west in West Bloomfield, your family will grow in a community that is safe, welcoming and offering plenty of activities for the diverse family dynamic.

Facts about the Way Elementary

• Way Elementary School was ranked better than 96.8% of the elementary schools in Michigan.
• Way Elementary School was also ranked 1st out of the 4 elementary schools in the Bloomfield Hills School district.
• There are 28 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 16.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 450 students.

Facts about the Way Elementary District

The Bloomfield Hills Schools educates nearly 5,800 students in both Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills and is consistently ranked among the best schools in Michigan.   There are:

• 4 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 2 High Schools
• 2 Academy Schools

School Information

Way Elementary School
765 West Long Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Phone: 248-341-7800
Principal: Adam Scher

Bloomfield Hills Schools
7273 Wing Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
Phone: 248-341-5400