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Hear it from our Raving Fans!

“Sandy Raden of the Mark Z team is AMAZING! She helped me buy my first home a few years ago and walked me though everything. She was so helpful, patient and professional. She recently helped me sell the home and got above asking in less that 3 weeks time. If I could give her and everyone at Mark Z 10 stars I would!”
Nick Ryder
“Very happy with our experience with Mark Z team. They did an amazing job working through the sale of our condo and purchase of our new house. Sandy Raden was absolutely the best.  she worked around the clock to sell our condo. She is very friendly and sweet and she was available at all hours whenever we had any questions/issues. I would definitely recommend Sandy and Mark Z team.”
Armita Bahadori
Jennifer was absolutely the best! she shared my enthusiasm and excitement in the home buying experience. She also helped talk me off the ledge when my emotions got involved during some of the more stressful processes. she was also 100% upfront with everything and told us how it was so that there were no surprises or false expectations during the offer process. I feel very grateful to have her in our corner!!!!!
Jessica Henderson Applebeck
This was my first time buying a home and Mark and his team made it a very easy, smooth, and stress free experience for me. They were very professional and knowledgeable of what to do and what not to do during the purchase process. I would recommend Mark Z. to anyone looking for a real estate team that would bend over backwards for their client and knows exactly what they're doing.
Avis Stitt
Mark Z is the best!!! They are so dedicated to what they do and are knowledgable in their area, which makes them the Realtor of any clients dreams. Mark Z doesn't hesitate or play around like every other realtor, which is why I highly recommend them!    
Adrienne Lally
I worked with Ashley Smith on a transaction recently and she was a pleasure to work with.  I was on the lending side of the transaction and communication is one of the most important pieces to a smooth transaction.  She was always available and also called whenever there was a question regarding the transaction. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone looking to purchase a home. 
Mark Metcalf