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Selling your home the traditional way isn’t always the right process for sellers. Listing, showing, and negotiating over weeks or months could be a hassle you want to avoid. That’s okay! With our 3-Step Sell-Smart Program, we help you sell your home without dealing with some of the inconveniences of the traditional home selling process.

Your Offer Awaits In 72 Hours or Less

It really is this simple! 

Step 1
Tell us the details about your home
Step 2
We meet with you to evaluate the property
Step 3
We provide you an offer for within 72 hours
Accept the offer and sign the paperwork!
It’s really not too good to be true! You can avoid the hassles of making your home listing-ready or waiting weeks or months for your home to sell.
Plus we’ll also give you an estimated listing value for your home to compare to your CASH OFFER NOW. You can decide if the cash offer is right for you vs. the value if you choose a traditional home sale.

The best part? 

The Sell-Smart program is a simple three-step process.
If you can count to three, you can sell your home with MARK Z

Why a Hassle-Free Cash Offer Might Be Your Solution!

Your Privacy

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of strangers walking through your home during a showing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

It can feel like your privacy is at stake when publishing your listing address. Inviting people into your home throughout the selling process can also be uncomfortable.

Good news! A cash offer takes these concerns out of play.

Your Home’s Condition

Did you inherit a home that isn’t in great shape? Maybe your own home needs major repairs—but you don’t have the time or cash to fix it and put it on the market.

Showing the property to potential buyers won’t help you get a better offer on a home that isn’t show-ready.

Good news! A cash offer means you don’t have to fix your home or show it to sell it!

Your Timing

Need a quicker sale? Depending on the market, the average home sale takes about 60 days from listing.

Maybe you don’t have weeks or months to wait for your home to sell through the traditional selling process.

Good news! From start to finish, the CASH OFFER NOW process works within a matter of days.

But I Have Questions . . .

We have Answers!
Does my home qualify for the CASH OFFER NOW program?
If your home was built after 19??, is located within our Michigan service areas, and the value is between $XX,000 – $XXX,000, there’s a good chance your home is a perfect fit! Through our evaluation process, we’ll check for problems like active building permits or significant foundation issues. If we can’t make an offer on your home, we’ll let you know right away—and why.
What else happens during the process?
You receive dedicated, personal access to our team throughout the process. You also get to choose your move-out date. We won’t rush you out of your home! When you’re ready to move, ask about using our free rental truck!
If you make a CASH offer on my home, do I have to take it?
Not at all! After we evaluate the condition of the home, we promise to give you the very best cash offer we can. You have 21 days to decide if the offer is right for you. You are under no obligation to accept! It’s worth a try if you want to avoid any of the hassles of the traditional home selling process.
What happens if you don’t buy my home?
It’s still yours to sell! If we can’t make an offer, or our offer doesn’t work for you, you can move on to other options. We can also help you sell your home the traditional way through one of our Mark Z Real Estate Experts. Our goal is the successful sale of your home in the way that works best for you!