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Earn $100K your first year or get a check for the difference

We Work Hard & We Play Hard


Welcome to the fastest growing real estate team in Metro Detroit. We were recently ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 100 Real Estate Teams in the world. We are always looking for the "Right" agent to join our team! We do not believe in part time real estate agents. So who is the right agent for the job? It's critical you believe in the same core values that the rest of our team shares in our business and personal life:

Benefits of working with The MARK Z. Home Selling Team:

In a company where entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking are key drivers of our success, we welcome industry leaders who challenge the norms and are looking to take their business to new heights. As a real estate agent, your biggest challenge can be to generate leads. The MARK Z. Home Selling Team has LOTS OF LEADS to handle and we need experienced agents NOW. MARK Z is on top of his game when it comes to Internet Marketing for Leads.

  • Receive Leads Daily "Scrubbed" by our lead coordinators.
  • Lead Management System
  • Sell More Homes
  • Powerful Marketing Materials that Create Value
  • No Marketing Expenses
  • No Listing Expenses
  • Lead Conversion Tools & Proven Systems & Weekly Professional Coaching
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Leverage Metro Detroit's most powerful Real Estate web presence
Here at the MARK Z. Home Selling Team between sign calls, internet leads, 800# call capture systems, text messaging capture systems, property flyers, and other cutting edge technology tools we bring in over 1,200 buyer leads EVERY MONTH! These leads get distributed to our agents. Instead of searching for leads, they are handed to you every day. All you have to do is folllow up. Thats why our agents make so much money! OUR AVERAGE AGENT CLOSED 34 TRANSACTIONS LAST YEAR, WHILE THE AVERAGE AGENT IN METRO DETROIT CLOSES EIGHT! We breed success.

With The MARK Z. Home Selling Team You Can

Make a six-figure income

Have a flexible schedule

Work in an energetic, team atmosphere

Find the best free training and support (no previous experience necessary)


In Order to Join Our Team, You Must

Be willing and able to obtain a real estate license unless you are applying for a job that doesn't require one

Have a desire to work independently and have control over your professional growth

Have a strong work ethic and desire to be successful

Have excellent communication skills and ability to network to build your business


As a Real Estate Agent, You Will Be:

Networking and prospecting, using MARK Z's proven systems and models

Showing properties and working with home buyers

Marketing properties and working with home sellers

Negotiating contracts

Many agents today are working harder than ever and making less money. Frustrated that the very people who should be helping you solve that problem are just as clueless about what's going on as you are.

So take the next step and call me. It costs you nothing to find out more, and not calling could literally cost you thousands. Don't worry, nobody will call your office or in any way embarrass you. Your inquiry will be in complete confidence. Thanks again for checking us out.

Hear from Our Agents Directly About the MARK Z. Experience

  • Amanda Poirier

    Real Estate Expert

  • David Antonick

    Real Estate Expert

  • Gina Mannella

    Real Estate Expert

  • Hannosh

    Real Estate Expert

  • Renalda

    Real Estate Expert

  • Ron

    Real Estate Expert