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Orchard Lake is a medium-sized inland natural lake located in southeastern Michigan. It covers 795 acres and is 110 feet deep. It is in the city of Orchard Lake Village in Oakland County in Michigan. It is the second largest lake in Michigan. This residential and recreational lake is rich in history and beauty. Orchard Lake is a "kettle lake" that was formed by melting ice left behind in the deep depression in the earth when glacier's recede. Although Orchard lake is a natural lake, a water level control structure was installed in 1968. There are a variety of fish in Orchard Lake such as bluegills, walleyes, yellow perch, rainbow trout, brown trout and bass.

The Village of Orchard Lake lies on the southwest shore of the lake. There are approximately 2,220 residents in the area. The garden-like atmosphere of the community has been retained  because of the careful zoning ordinances that are in place. There are clusters of homes on the northwest, west and southeast shores of Orchard Lake. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources provides public access to a boat ramp on the southwest shore off Orchard Lake. Orchard Lake homes are simply breathtaking, and any buyer would love to reside in this area. There are stunning scenic views, private docks, and a variety of home designs.



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