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Lower Straits lake is 235-acre lake in Commerce Township, Michigan. This lake is very shallow at 22 feet deep. The surrounding streets are Loch Bend Drive, Newton Road, Union Lake Road, and Commerce Road. The houses off of Lower Straits Lake are absolutely beautiful. There is an incredible opportunity for home buyers to purchase prime real estate off of Lower Straits Lake.  Whether you are looking to buy your first or second home, you won't be disappointed when you see these luxury homes.

The real estate on Lower Straits Lake is perfect for people who love the water. Lower Straits is a private all sports lake. It is home to a lot of boaters. People love to swim and fish in this lake. A new home buyer can relax by the lake, or a new home buyer can take their boat out on the water to fish or swim. The lake has a lot of fish in it such as blugill, crappie, pike, and bass fish. Lower Straits Lakefront homes exudes class and distinction. It will be a great place to relax, play, and live.