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Ridge Wood Elementary School is located in the 48168 zip code of Northville, Michigan.  Ridge Wood is just south of Maybury State Park and is nestled near neighborhoods including Steeplechase which is located right across the street and has many new homes being constructed.  The Ridge Wood School Pledge asks the students to pledge to do their best, show compassion, be respectful and show responsible. 
Ridge Wood Elementary


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Northville has many great features for the growing family which includes downtown Northville where there are plenty of restaurants as well as farmers markets and art fairs. Maybury State Park is just north of Ridge Wood and it's a great place for a child to enjoy being outdoors playing on playground equipment or having a picnic with their family. Northville is a thriving and growing community that emphasizes the importance of education through teachers, parents and community.

Facts about the Ridge Wood Elementary

• Ridge Wood Elementary was ranked better than 83% of the elementary schools in Michigan.
• There are 31 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 22.4.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 700 students.
• School starts at 8:45am and dismisses at 3:45pm.

Ridge Wood Elementary School

Facts about the Ridge Wood Elementary District

Over 7,000 young residents in Northville attend the Northville School District which also encompasses a small portion of nearby Novi, Salem Township and Lyon Township.

There are:

• 6 Elementary Schools
• 2 Middle Schools
• 1 High School

School Information

Ridge Wood Elementary School
49775 Six Mile Road
Northville, MI 48168
Phone:  248-349-7602
Principal: Heather Bauer

Northville Public Schools
501 W. Main Street
Northville, MI 48167
Phone:  248-344-3500