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Located on the southeast side of Northville, Michigan in the 48168 zip code is Meads Mill Middle School.  Home of the Patriots, Meads Mill is an excellent school with a ranking at 97% above all other middle schools in Michigan with 55 teachers (40 of which are full time) and a growing student body of over 900.  By utilizing the support of the community, parents and teachers, Meads Mill promotes achievement, a positive self-concept, creativity and problem solving skills to help foster a child’s learning as they slowly transition into high school and into their formative teenage years.  Mills Mead uses recognition programs to boost awareness of high-achieving students in both academics and as modeling good citizenship.
Meads Mill Middle School


Each year, Meads Mill and Hillside Middle Schools hold a friendly football game in which the winning team gets to take home an official football helmet until the annual game the following year. 

Facts about the Meads Mill Middle School

• Meads Mill Middle School was ranked better than 97% of the middle schools in Michigan.
• Meads Mill Middle School performs above Northville’s Hillside Middle School and is ranked 20th in the state.
• There are 40 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 22.5.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 960 students.
• School starts at 8:15am and dismisses at 3:02pm.


Facts about the Meads Mill Middle School District

Over 7,000 young residents in Northville attend the Northville School District.  There are:

• 6 Elementary School
• 2 Middle Schools
• 1 High School
-In 2011, Northville High School was ranked 227th in the entire country and 5th in the state of Michigan

School Information

Meads Mill Middle School
16700 Franklin Road
Northville, MI 48168
Phone:  248-344-8435
Principal: Brad O’Neill

Northville Public Schools
501 W. Main Street
Northville, MI 48167
Phone:  248-344-3500