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Lakeland High School is located in White Lake, Michigan, right near Lakewood Elementary School and White Lake Middle School.  The Lakeland High School mission is to connect, empower and achieve.  With a diverse curriculum which features many after-school activities, Lakeland is a high achiever in the academic world.  According to Newsweek, they were considered a top high school in the nation in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and was recently named a Reward School by the state of Michigan.  Lakeland High School recently became a Green School which recognizes the efforts to make the school more energy-efficient so that there is a positive impact on the environment.
Lakeland High


Situated in White Lake just west of Commerce Township, living near Lakeland High School means that you’re surrounded by lots of trees, lakes and parks.  If you like to spend time outdoors, you’ll have plenty of major state parks nearby including Highland State Recreation Area, Pontiac Lake Recreation Area and Proud Lake State Recreation Area giving you more than 10,000 acres of space to swim, hunt, fish, hike, bike, enjoy a picnic and do so much more!  You’ll also be close to M-59 which boasts lots of restaurants, shopping options and entertainment as well as being near the major metro Detroit suburbs.  If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family with the perfect combination of wooded areas and suburban amenities then check out the homes around Lakeland High School in White Lake.

Facts about the Lakeland High

• Lakeland High School is ranked better than 76.8% of the elementary schools in Michigan.
• Lakeland High School is also considered 2nd out of the 3 elementary schools in the Huron Valley School District.
• There are 90 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 16.2.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 1460 students.

Facts about the Lakeland High District

The Huron Valley Schools covers 107 square miles including Milford, Commerce Township, White Lake and more.  Educating approximately 9,400 students Huron Valley Schools includes:

• 9 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 3 High Schools
• 1 Academy

School Information

Lakeland High School
1630 Bogie Lake Road
White Lake, MI 48383
Phone: 248-676-8320
Principal: Paul Gmelin

Huron Valley Schools
2390 S. Milford Rd.
Highland, MI 48357
Phone: 248-684-8000