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A nationally recognized school with students from fourteen districts in Oakland County, the International Academy is an excellent school ranking in the top 1% of high schools in Michigan.  The Bloomfield Hills Schools campus is called Okma and provides a unique blend of rigorous academic standards, student-centered learning and an emphasis on global citizenship so that the students are prepared for life in a twenty-first century world.  US News and World Report has ranked the International Academy the number one high school in Michigan for college readiness.
International Academy Okma


When you live in Bloomfield Hills you’ll be within a school district that emphasizes the importance of education with many of its schools and the district as a whole being considered one of the best in the state.  Bloomfield Hills also offers a lot in regards to culture, dining and shopping.  With West Bloomfield and Birmingham nearby you’ll have many great options when you want a unique restaurant or a downtown area to hang out in.  With many outdoor spots to spend the day including over twenty-five lakes in the area for swimming, boating and more, Bloomfield Hills is a safe and beautiful community in which to raise a family.

Facts about the International Academy Okma

• The International Academy was ranked better than 99.7% of the high schools in Michigan.
• According to the US News and World Report, the International Academy is considered the number one high school in Michigan for college readiness.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 1300 students who attend the three International Academy schools.

Facts about the International Academy Okma District

The Bloomfield Hills Schools educates nearly 5,800 students in both Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills and is consistently ranked among the best schools in Michigan.   There are:

• 4 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 2 High Schools
• 2 Academy Schools

School Information

International Academy
1020 East Square Lake Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Phone: 248-341-5900
Principal: Lynne Gibson

Bloomfield Hills Schools
7273 Wing Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
Phone: 248-341-5400