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Hoover Elementary School is located in Livonia, Michigan, just east of Northville.  The mission of Hoover Elementary is to ensure that their students have a joyful experience each day at school and to provide an engaging environment to help foster a passion for lifelong learning.  Hoover Elementary has a vision that is designed to help each student succeed by being a safe school where children like to attend and are excited to learn.  Including high expectations, respect and encouragement, Hoover Elementary School’s vision was designed to help a child achieve their full potential.
Hoover Elementary


When you live near Hoover Elementary School in Livonia, you’ll be in an excellent place to raise a family.  There’s a lot to see and do in this area with such highlights as the Laurel Park Place Mall which features over seventy specialty and department stores as well as a movie theater, countless restaurants and nearby communities such as Plymouth and Northville offering an excellent and charming downtown area.  This part of Livonia also has many beautiful small parks with playgrounds and walkable streets so that you and your child will feel safe playing outside.  If you’re looking for your next home and you want to be in an area with nice schools amongst a great metro Detroit suburb you’ll want to check out the homes available around Hoover Elementary School.

Facts about the Hoover Elementary

• Hoover Elementary School is ranked better than 84.9% of the elementary schools in Michigan.
• Hoover Elementary School is also considered 4th out of the 13 elementary schools in the Livonia Public School District.
• There are 20 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 23.4.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 475 students.

Facts about the Hoover Elementary District

The Livonia Public Schools covers the city of Livonia as well as a small portion of nearby Westland and Farmington Hills and educates nearly 15,000 students.  There are:

• 13 Elementary Schools
• 3 Upper Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 3 High Schools

School Information

Hoover Elementary School
15900 Levan Rd.
Livonia, MI 48184
Phone: 734-744-2730
Principal: Julie Linn

Livonia Public Schools
15125 Farmington Road
Livonia, MI 48154
Phone: 734-744-250