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Davisburg Elementary School is located in Davisburg, Michigan, and is considered part of the Holly Area Schools.  Davisburg is actually a community within Springfield Township which has a population near 14,000 and is just northwest of Waterford. The mission of Davisburg Elementary School is to provide a place that is supportive and challenging generating an environment where all their students are motivated to learn and grow.  Davisburg Elementary School, just like the Holly Area Schools, strives to inspire its learners to shape the world of tomorrow.
Davisburg Elementary


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When you live in Davisburg, you’ll be in a fairly rural part of southeastern Michigan however you’ll also have the benefit of being close to the major Detroit metropolitan area.  You’ll be south of Holly and just north of White Lake Township.  To the east is I-75 which can get you into the city very quickly or a short drive to M-59 allows you to experience many great restaurants and both boutique shops and major retailers nearby.  If you’re looking to raise a family in an area that allows some room to stretch where major state and metro parks are close by and you’re within a quick drive to the Detroit suburbs then you’ll want to check out the homes available near Davisburg Elementary School.

Facts about the Davisburg Elementary

• Davisburg Elementary School is ranked better than 63.8% of the elementary schools in Michigan.
• Davisburg Elementary School is also ranked 1st out of the 4 elementary schools within the Holly Area Schools.
• There are 20 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 18.3.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 365 students.

Facts about the Davisburg Elementary District

The Holly Area Schools educates approximately 3,330 students and encompasses many communities in the area including Holly Township, Groveland Township, Springfield Township and White Lake Township.  There are:

• 4 Elementary Schools
• 1 Middle School
• 1 High School

School Information

Davisburg Elementary School
12003 Davisburg Rd
Davisburg, MI 48350
Phone: 248-328-3500
Principal: Kimberly Hempton

Holly Area Schools
920 Baird Street
Holly, MI 48442
Phone: 248-328-3100