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Country Oaks Elementary School is located in the northern area of Commerce Township, Michigan, and is part of the Huron Valley Schools.  Country Oaks Elementary believes that all their students have the ability to learn and they encourage children to work to their fullest potential. Country Oaks utilizes the principles of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as well as their Leader In Me Program to strive towards excellence in both academics and social development.  Leader In Me helps students to become active and engaged in their own education and helps them build self-confidence, responsibility and to have initiative in their growth.
Country Oaks Elementary


When you live near Country Oaks Elementary School, you’ll find that you’re living in an area with beautiful natural settings while also being close to charming spots like Milford as well as the suburban areas of metro Detroit.  To the south of the school is Proud Lake State Recreation Area which features twenty miles of trails and is perfecting for hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding and swimming.  To the west in Milford is a charming small town area with boutique shops and restaurants and to the south is a whole array of chain stores, entertainment and more.  When you raise a family near Country Oaks Elementary School, you’ll find that they’re growing up within the perfect blend of suburbia and nature.

Facts about the Country Oaks Elementary

• County Oaks Elementary School is ranked better than 58.5% of the elementary schools in Michigan.
• County Oaks Elementary School is also ranked 7th out of the 9 elementary schools in the Huron Valley School District.
• There are 32 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 20.3.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 660 students.

Facts about the Country Oaks Elementary District

The Huron Valley Schools covers 107 square miles including Milford, Commerce Township, White Lake and more.  Educating approximately 9,400 students Huron Valley Schools includes:

• 9 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 3 High Schools
• 1 Academy

School Information

County Oaks Elementary School
5070 S Duck Lake Rd.
Commerce Township, MI 48382
Phone: 248-684-8075
Principal: Deborah Devers

Huron Valley Schools
2390 S. Milford Rd.
Highland, MI 48357
Phone: 248-684-8000