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Representing Metro-Detroit homeowners and future homeowners, Ropina is committed to listening to her clients needs and utilizing her skills for a smooth transaction. 

Born in Michigan, Ropina moved to California at just one year old and there she was raised. Ropina has been in sales since she was just a child, as her parents owned multiple Men’s Apparel shops. She would wake up every morning with her father and help him out in the family business. Since then she knew her passion. 

Ropina graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Minor in Arabic, in which she studied abroad for 6 months to learn the intense language and culture. 

Ropina then married and moved back to Michigan in hopes of Going to Pharmacy school to pursue her career, but she always knew deep down that was not her passion, her passion was definitely Real Estate.

In the past years Ropina has become an esteemed realtor. Highly recommend by her clients and other professionals. A current Oakland county resident she is well connected in the community.

 Ropina is thorough, well communicative, and very detail oriented she will be alongside you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transaction.