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Pierson Hoy

Office: 248-937-1337

Cell: 248-444-6130


Pierson Hoy is a young, hungry entrepreneur making a splash in the Real Estate world. He began his career at 18 working as a showing partner for the top Realtors on the Mark Z Real Estate Experts. He watched and learned all that those agents do so he could replicate it and make the process his own. Pierson is an award-winning buyers specialist now.


In his free time, he plays basketball to stay fit and spend time with his friends. He likes to read Motivational books to stay sharp. He is an advocate for giving back to his community and donates frequently to local charities. He attended Walled Lake Central and played baseball throughout the four years. He currently coaches a little league travel baseball team. Jimi Kandah, Piersons best friend, got Pierson started in baseball and in Real Estate. They joined at the same time and frequently brain-storm and problem solve together.