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Nadine Fakhouri epitomizes integrity, patience, creative-service and hard work in every detail of your real estate transaction. Nadine grew up in a larger suburb of Chicago, Illinois and started her sales habit at the age of ten, selling a box of bouncing balls she got on sale to her classmates for $1.50 each. She has continued rising early and received her Masters at the age of 23. Shortly after, she moved to a small suburb of Michigan after marrying her spouse.

Nadine is a family woman, with a devotion to God, her wonderful husband, her loving family and mischievous toy puppy. A creative visionary by nature, you will probably find her at the craft store searching for another DIY to make in the winter. Summers consist of being in the outdoors biking, hiking and finding a home to flip! 

Nadine has been inspired by some of the best such as Ryan Serhant & Fredrik Eklund from New York’s Million Dollar Listing. Nadine takes pride in being trained by some of the best including Mark Zawaideh, who is on Wall Street Journal's Top 100 Real Estate Professionals. Nadine has worked with a number of buyers in her first month as a Realtor and closed her very first deal within the first few weeks of starting!

Nadine uses her foresight and industry experience to proactively address details before they become a problem. She works hard to make sure communication is initiated in EVERY detail of the transaction, from the first call all the way to close. Four words you can count on from Nadine: Integrity, Compassion, Passion and Commitment.