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How to Detect Early Signs of Foundation DamageHomeowners who can detect early signs of foundation damage can potentially avoid expensive repairs down the road. An inspection by a specialist can be used to assess the problem and suggest the repairs necessary to fix foundation damage. As a homeowner, what are the initial signs that there may be a foundation problem and what are the options?

Understand more about foundation damage and potential repairs to address the issue and protect the equity in a home.

What Are the First Signs of Foundation Damage?

A homeowner need not panic over a settling home. Older homes may inevitable experience some unevenness over time. However, a homeowner does need to be aware of the signs that a potential issue impacting the foundation of a home may be

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The Most Common Home Buying Contingencies Sellers Can Expect to SeeBuying a home is one of the largest decisions a person might make in their lifetime, and while it’s not overly complicated, it’s also not necessarily a walk in the park either. The paperwork involved when purchasing a property can be extensive, and relying on professionals to help decipher it all can be very helpful. One of the more specific items of paperwork that buyers should look out for are referred to as home buying contingencies, and we’ll uncover why they can be so important.

All About Contingencies

Just like the name identifies, a home buying contingency allows for the sale of a home to proceed contingent upon certain elements of the process working out. In the same vein, if various aspects don’t meet the needs of the buyer, they

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Ready to buy your first home? Congratulations! Buying your first home is an exciting step toward a more secure future. As experienced mortgage pro's, we’d like to offer you some smart tips to help you get off to a strong start with your home purchase. 

And remember that we are always available for a friendly consultation, should you have questions. 

First Steps to Buying Your First Home

1. It’s Never Too Early to Start Saving 

20% is the norm for a down-payment. However, several loan programs require much less. In fact, you may be surprised to know that many first-time home buying loans ask for as little as 3% down! Putting less than 20% often comes with the necessity of paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI), increasing your final

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Signs Your Roof May Need RepairOver time, roof leaks can cause permanent damage to a home. Being able to recognize the signs of a roof leak can help you decide when it's time to get professional help. While some roof leak signs are fairly straightforward, others are not. All warning signs should be investigated, no matter how small.

Dark Stains On the Ceiling or Walls

When water penetrates the sheathing on the roof, it doesn't take long to be absorbed into the walls and ceiling. Often this water is stained, causing dark wet spots. Over time, these stains are likely to grow.

You'll be able to tell that the roof (and not a pipe) is leaking if the stain grows with the weather. Stains that grow on rainy days are usually roof leaks, while stains that grow any time of the day

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A Home Seller's Guide to Wood FlooringWood flooring still holds appeal for potential buyers. If you are a homeowner looking to sell now or in the near future, you may want to consider regional preferences toward home flooring. Hardwood flooring has been around since the 80s and is often found in family rooms, living rooms and dining rooms in upscale homes. It is recommended that homeowners become aware of the different types of wood flooring now available to appeal to the ideal home buyer before replacing their floors.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood is a preferred flooring option for many and can be refinished or re-stained as needed. This makes it easy for an owner to get a traditional hardwood floor looking as good as new or to update it to match a remodeling project. This durable

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Should You Renovate Yourself or Hire a Professional?It’s the dream of many potential homeowners: finding a property at an incredibly low price, and one that only needs a bit of love and attention to make it look outstanding. While many might jump on this purchasing decision, the plan for the home’s repairs could require some extra thought.

Depending on one’s skill level, budget, and time, taking on home repairs in a DIY fashion can be a great idea, or the scope of the project might require professional help from the start.

Benefits Of Doing It Yourself

Certain home improvement projects can reap an immense amount of rewards if they’re viewed from a DIY approach, yet there are always certain considerations to keep in mind. One of the more prominent pluses is the idea of the project running

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Though no one welcomes this added expense, it's often a necessary compromise when purchasing a home or refinancing. The good news is that it doesn't last the entire life of the loan. In fact, there may be actions you can take right now to get rid of PMI sooner! 

Private mortgage insurance, or PMI as it's more commonly called, is an insurance that is often required if you bought a home with a down payment of less than 20 percent. Mortgage insurance protects the lender from defaulted loans. 

As the borrower, you pay the premiums. However, many homeowners don't realize that you will also pay PMI if you refinance your home with less than 20 percent equity. 

Ways to Remove Private Mortgage Insurance 

You must have at least 20 percent equity in

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Do You Need a Permit for your Renovation?Updating an older home or making major changes to a fixer-upper are exciting projects that homeowners get to enjoy, and they can be done in a DIY fashion or completed by a professional contractor. Either way, certain home renovations require permits issued by the city to ensure that the work is being completed safely and is up to code. While it’s not an overly complex issue, obtaining proper permits is an important step in any home project.

The Basics of Permits

A home renovation permit is typically issued by the city and means that the changes you make will go on record and can give officials permission to inspect the work that was done. Having an accurate idea of the features of a home allows for property taxes to be calculated correctly,

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The Importance of Having a Real Estate Agent to Buy or Sell a HomeWhen it comes time to sell a home, there can be an immense amount of moving parts that many people don’t realize. From listing it on the market to completing paperwork and everything in between, oftentimes selling a home is too much for the typical homeowner.

It’s these instances in which hiring a real estate agent can greatly benefit you, not only in that they will take a lot of work off of your plate, but they will ensure everything is done correctly. The benefits of hiring an agent usually far outweigh any potential concerns that could come up.

Why Hire A Professional?

A real estate agent is an expert in their field and often knows tips and tricks that can either save homeowners a lot of money or can simply just make their lives a whole

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Thinking about buying a home with but don't have any credit history? Striving to live debt-free is a commendable goal. However, it now leaves you facing the unintended consequence of not having any established credit history.

Not having any credit history or a credit score is a hindrance to getting a home loan as these are two of the factors that are typically reviewed when applying for a home loan.

Still, buying a home with no credit is still possible! There are ways to quickly build credit as well as other ways to qualify for a mortgage, even without any credit history.

Perhaps you've heard that job history is enough to qualify for a mortgage when you don't have any established credit. Let's explore why it may not be sufficient.

Your credit

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