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Selling a property involves many documents. Understanding what materials you require will help the process run smoothly. Those working with an agent may benefit from the escrow company assisting in retrieval. However, any home seller should be aware of the types of documents that are typically necessary to facilitate the expedient sale of a home. The required documents vary slightly depending on the state in which one owns a home. Other factors play a part, as well.

What Documents Are Useful?

Sellers who list their home for sale with an agent need to gather valuable information about their home. The necessary documents depend on various factors such as the type of community in which you live, the kind of property you own, and whether the buyer is

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When determining how the housing market will perform, the economy provides us with clues. With our economy moving in a positive direction, there is not much worry for a housing crisis, recession, or even a housing bubble. The GDP was 3.4 % at the end of 2018, the unemployment rate is 3.9 %, which is low, and 312,000 new jobs were created in December. With all the positive momentum of a strong economy, people may wonder if this is an opportune time to either buy or sell a house. Does this type of economy indicate a buyer’s or seller’s market? Let’s dive into this topic deeper to understand how economic issues affect the housing market.

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Understanding the Difference Between a Buyer’s and Seller’s Market

When determining whether we are in a buyer’s

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As the New Year kicks off sellers may be feeling a little trepidation at what’s in store for them in 2019. With mortgage rates increasing and the housing market more tepid than last year, sellers may wonder if they need to revamp their strategy.

Housing experts predict inventory will increase, which means more homes on the market and fewer buyers vying for them. At first glance, seller’s may feel a bit of anxiety as they worry that their house will sit on the market longer. Economists say it’s still a seller’s market though, and with these seven tips in place, sellers can overcome challenges and see results.

Prepare to Win the Buyer

With the market trudging a bit slower than it was, you may see the number of buyers decreasing. This isn’t

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Putting your home on the market is a big step. You invest time, energy, and emotion trying to sell a home. Then when the listing expires without a sale, it’s more than disappointing. It can be frustrating. Whatever the listing agreement timeframe is for, you expect your house to sell. When it doesn’t, you may wonder what to do next. It may be time to take a step back and rethink some things.


Before relisting your house again, take time to answer the seven following questions:

Am I Really Ready to Sell My Home?

This may sound like an odd question, but some people are not as motivated to sell as they think they are. Only you know what your reasons are for wanting to sell your home and just how motivated you are. If you want to sell your home

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Now that the New Year is rolling in, homeowners wonder what new design trends are hot for 2019. We checked in with some of the experts to find out what home designs will put your house in the top spot for the year. Here are trends that are sure to prompt remodeling dreams.

What’s Cooking in the Kitchen?

The kitchen is often the focal point of many homes. It’s the place where loved ones gather to enjoy home cooked meals and talk about their day. Homeowners want this room to be functional as well as attractive, and that is reflected in the 2019 kitchen trends:

  • A full-length backsplash takes center stage in the kitchen creating a wide-open, clean feel. You’ll see some of these in bold patterns adding interest.
  • Look for darker and warmer tones
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Selling a home means different things to different people. For some people, it means they are moving on to a new job and new location. For others, it may mean upgrading to a larger home because they outgrew their current home. Some people sell their home because they want to downsize; maybe the kids have grown up, got married, and a large house is too much to keep up. Whatever the reason for selling a home, everyone will go through a lot of the same steps. One of these steps is getting an inspection

A home inspection can bring anxiety to some homeowners because they don’t know what to expect. They may wonder if the inspection will indicate costly problems they didn’t know existed, or they may worry about the issues they do know about. How severe are

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Buying or selling your home is one of the most significant steps you’ll take. If you’re in the market for a new home, you want to make sure you find the best fit for your needs. For some people, this means finding the right house layout. For others, it means getting a particular neighborhood or proximity to quality schools. Still, others may find commuting options the most important factor when buying a home. Of course, you also want a payment that works with your budget.

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If you’re selling a home, you want to make sure that you get a fair price and that the house doesn’t sit too long on the market. Selling your home at the right time is vital to maximizing your profit. These are some of the reasons for buying and selling a home can be fraught

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exp-realty-novi-michigan-mark-z-real-estate-expertsIt's been 30 days now since I have left Keller Williams Realty in Novi, Michigan. There isn't a day that goes by now that I don't get multiple calls and emails from Realtors asking why I left Keller Williams after 12 years and a lot of success. Why did me and my team of 30+ Realtors and staff just pick up and leave? I have sold over 5,000 homes in my career and the last two years were the best years of my entire career selling over $200 MILLION DOLLARS consisting of over 900 transactions. Why in the world would I walk away from this right? I loved Keller Williams and always told myself if I left I would never do another franchise again. So why didn't I just do my own brokerage and keep 100% of the income instead of working for another brokerage? Both are

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Your Guide to Closing CostsIt's not uncommon for new homebuyers to forget that there additional costs on top of the listing price when it comes to home sales. Closing costs is a term that buyers will frequently hear as they tour each potential prospect and compare amenities, but they may not realize that closing costs can vary significantly from home to home. They may not even realize that they have a certain degree of power when it comes to who pays for them. For a better chance at being able to afford it all, see how closing costs breakdown.

Total Costs

Closing costs are usually between 2 – 5% of the original purchase price of the home, and include everything from real estate agent fees to property taxes. That's a big spread to work with—especially if the buyer

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What Paperwork Is Necessary to Sell Your Home? Understanding what documents are needed to sell a property can make the process run smoother. Those working with an agent may benefit from the escrow company assisting in retrieval. However, any home seller should be aware of the types of documents that are typically necessary in order to facilitate the expedient sale of a home. There may be some slight differences depending upon the state in which one owns a home and other applicable factors.

What Documents Are Useful?

Sellers who list their home for sale with an agent need to gather important information on the home. There may be variations depending upon the type of community, type of property and whether the buyer is choosing to reside in a property or use it as an investment property.

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