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Selling your home involves several steps. One of the steps includes getting an inspection. Inspections can be unsettling for some people because they may not know what to expect. However, homeowners find that an inspection is helpful because it tells them what things might be wrong with the house, which gives them an opportunity to correct things.

 Although it can be unnerving if your inspection has several flagged areas, some of these things are fixes you can do yourself. Even if the flagged things aren’t safety issues or emergencies, it makes sense to correct what you can because it will give you more leverage to negotiate the price you want. Here are five DIY projects that may want to consider fixing.

Seal Window and Door Gaps

Whether it’s

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What's the ultimate form of income? Passive income! And that typically comes in the form of investments. While there are many options, from stocks to funding start-ups, one of the most reliable investments in terms of return lies in real estate.

When purchasing an investment property, there are generally two intentions: either you plan to rent it or you plan to resell it. Both are great options and have the potential for earning a significant amount. In fact, many first time buyers are choosing an investment property before they buy their first home!

But investment properties aren't without challenges or risks. Here are some things to consider before buying an investment property:

Decide What Type of Investor You Are

Decide if you are more of

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A real estate agent's goal is to sell homes quickly and efficiently. That means using different methods to optimize the house buying and selling process. Some of those methods include:


  • Implementing proactive marketing techniques

  • Utilizing technology to streamline communications

  • Using technological solutions to highlight homes

As realtors use these tools, they can fast track the house selling process and increase customer satisfaction. Let's take a look at the two methods that deal with technology in closer detail.

Streamline Real Estate Communications Through Enhanced Technology

One of the most important parts of making a deal in real estate is keeping on top of the communication process. When someone calls

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Sometimes life situations dictate that you must downsize. You may choose to downsize because the kids are grown up and moved out and a smaller place is appropriate. Other times, however, downsizing needs to happen when you have a family, too. Maybe the cost of caring for a family and the current mortgage is too high. Maybe you’re moving to a new neighborhood that is more expensive, so you’ll need a smaller home to afford the same mortgage cost. Whatever the reasons, downsizing with a family and kids can be a bit more challenging.

Most people appreciate their space, especially when they have children running around. It seems like you can never have enough room when the kids are young and growing. So, what do you do when you need to downsize your home

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This Detroit-area neighborhood guide provides valuable information and insight to help you understand more about Detroit metro neighborhoods. Learn about other communities in the first part of this two-part series.

close up of  paper houses on white background-1


This smaller city in the suburbs of Detroit is located in both Wayne and Oakland counties.

  • Population: 5,988 people.
  • Real Estate Data: Median home value is $356,705. There are 64% of single-family homes in this city.
  • Demographics: Almost 30% of the population is between the ages of 35 and 54, making it a good area for families.
  • Education: 63.3 % of residents are college graduates, while 97.9% are high school graduates.
  • Median Household Income: $99,052
  • Job Sector: The top tier of the workforce is divided
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When talking about the affordability of a home, the focus is usually on how much you qualify for, your income, and your monthly bills. But did you know that the property itself also affects how much you can afford?

Even homes that are priced the same and are in the same neighborhood can have vastly different monthly payments depending on factors that we’re about to share with you.

Because there are so many variables, many that can save you money in the immediate and long run, we make sure that we are available to give you that personal attention --beyond the web.

Contact us today for personalized home loan guidance.

Property Factors That Affect Affordability

 1. Property Usage

How you occupy the property can affect your mortgage pricing

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Moving to a new neighborhood can be both an exciting adventure and a challenging prospect, especially when you know nothing about the community. This Detroit-area neighborhood guide provides valuable information and insight to help you learn more about the local neighborhoods that you can use when buying or selling a home.

Detroit Michigan Skyline

Ann Arbor

This larger-sized neighborhood is the sixth largest community in Michigan.

  • Population: 121,477 people
  • Real Estate Data: Median home value: $390,329; very hot rating from Zillow.
  • Education: 72.8 % of the residents are college graduates.
  • Median Household Income: $57,697, which is $2,375 above the U.S. average.
  • Job Sector: 93.24% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs



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    When it’s time to sell your home, you want to make sure you have everything in order. From the moment the prospective buyer pulls up to the house to the moment they enter through the door, you want them to have a memorable experience — but you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons.

    There are some reasons your house may stand out to people in the wrong way. If you’ve been having people view your house, but you’re not getting any bids, then it’s time to reassess your strategy. There may be something standing in the way of a sale.

    Here are six reasons why people aren’t buying your house.

    The House Has No Ambiance

    Ambiance is defined as “the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment.” It’s that

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    Buying a home often means buying it alongside another person. It may be a spouse, a parent, with your adult child, a family member, or another significant other. If you plan on purchasing a home and plan on including another party, it's important to know what to look for in a "purchasing partner" as well as the difference between a co-borrower and a co-signer.

    What is a Co-Borrower?

    A co-borrower is a co-owner of the property. The co-borrowers name would be on the title of the home, right alongside yours. Beyond having their name on the title, co-borrowers assets, credit history, employment history, and debts are assessed as they are also applying for the home loan with you. Using a co-borrower is helpful if you're trying to qualify for a larger

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    Every new homeowner knows the feeling of joy when they finally find the house they want at the price they can afford. It's exciting when you get to the closing day, and you move into your new home. 

    Maybe your move was an upgrade to a larger home or perhaps you moved to an entirely new area. No matter what type of house you get, you need homeowner’s insurance to protect what is probably your single most significant investment. 

    Many people have an agent handle their homeowner’s insurance policy, but they don’t know how their policy coverage works. Most people don’t take the time to read all the small print of the policy, and even if they did, it might not make sense to them. However, if something goes wrong and your house gets damaged, you will want

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