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New Construction Home-Buying Tips

New Construction Home-Buying Tips

If you are in the market for a new home, perhaps you are considering buying a newly-constructed home. When buying a home that was just built, there are a lot of things to consider. In this week's blog entry, we have included information about this to help guide you in making the decisions that are best for you. 

There are both positives and negatives when it comes to buying a newly-built home. One of the good things about going this route is that you get full customization. However, since it will be fully customized from the beginning, there will be no more updating to do. Therefore, the resale value will decrease and you will not earn any equity if you ever sell your home. Aside from this, a couple more

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If you are thinking about getting into the real estate investment market, now is a great time to do so! With interest rates at historic lows and property prices still recovering in many areas of the country, 2016 may be the perfect time to get started in real estate investing. We’ve pulled together our top 3 reasons why now is a great time to invest in real estate – check them out below.

People will always need a place to live

As we’ve learned over the past decade, the real estate market will fluctuate, but one truth that remains constant is that people will always need a place to live and a place to call home. Some areas will have a greater need for rental units, especially if they have natural population draws like beaches, universities, or other

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A History of Real Estate Throughout the Years

A History of Real Estate Throughout the Years

Have you ever wondered where real estate comes from? Have you ever thought about how people have bought and sold properties, or even traded pieces of land throughout history? Believe it or not, real estate actually goes back all the way to 334 BC when Alexander the Great acquired land by defeating the Persians. He is considered to be the the world's first investor, as he made a deal with another group of people, became victorious, and acquired the land. This is obviously not the process we follow today to exchange pieces of land and properties, and for this reason, a lot of people might not consider these events in history to be the beginnings of real estate. However, as with everything else in life,

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There’s a lot of information available about how to check your credit score and how to improve your credit score in advance of applying for a mortgage, how to apply for a mortgage, what to expect during the home buying process and more; but there isn’t always a lot of information about what happens just after you get pre-approved, find the home of your dreams, make an offer that’s accepted and purchase your new home. This point is a period called the loan “closing”, and it’s an important step in the home buying process, and not just because it’s one of the final steps on your way to your new home!

What to expect at your closing

On closing day, both the buyer and seller will come together to sign all of the required paperwork, to transfer any funds

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The Importance of Curb Appeal

The Importance of Curb Appeal

If you've ever been through the home-buying process, you probably wanted to look for a home that had a great look upon first arriving. You were probably looking for a home that was well-maintained, had a lot of space, and had unique but tasteful characteristics. As a seller, these same things should be taken into consideration when getting your home ready to be put on the market. First impressions are so important, and how high your home's curb appeal is will definitely contribute to the potential buyer's first impression.  We have some do's and dont's to boosting the curb appeal of your home.


-Take care of your windows. Clean them inside and outside, often, as windows will acquire a lot of dust and dirt

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When you buy a home there will be a lot of people involved in your transaction. Real estate agents, mortgage lenders/brokers, the federal government, appraisers, insurance companies, title attorney / closing attorney and more. Don’t forget that through the entire process, the most important piece of the puzzle is you. To be in the best position to qualify for your dream home at the lowest mortgage interest rate available, make sure you have your personal finances and prospective home finances in place when you begin your home-buying journey. Work on improving your credit if it is less-than-perfect and determine roughly how much of a down payment you’re likely to have and where it will be coming from so that you can complete any required forms and

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5 P's For Selling Your Home

5 P's For Selling Your Home

If you have decided to sell your home, it is important that you take time to get yourself ready to do so. Consider the 5 P's For Selling Your Home before you start the process: Plan, Preview Realtors, Price, Pre-List, Prepare.

Before you put your home on the market, get organized. It's suggested to create a plan for what happens before, during, and after the sale. Things you especially want to think about with this are how long you wish to wait before putting your home on the market and how much money do you want to try and sell it for? Also, what is your budget for your new home? Where do you plan on going when your home sells if you don't have a new home lined up or if your new home isn't ready? Putting together a

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It’s not just about lowering your monthly utility bill – there are many reasons, and many ways, to make your home more energy efficient. Sure, a lowered utility bill every month is a nice perk, but there’s more to energy-efficiency than that! We’ve collected 3 great reasons to make your home more energy efficient; check them out below!

Improve your resale value

Many home buyers are looking for homes that are energy efficient, so one of the best ways to set your home apart from others for sale in your area is to make energy efficient improvements. That can be done through increasing insulation in your attic or crawlspace or by replacing aging appliances with energy efficient ones. Many energy efficient home improvements also look great (new

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Life Expectancy Around the Home

Life Expectancy Around the Home

As time goes on, things around your home, such as appliances and furniture, wear down and lose their strong functionality. Each of these things around the house have different life expectancies. As a homeowner, you may wonder when the time will come to update or replace them. We have provided a room-by-room guide of how long each thing will last after first purchased. 


In the bathroom, shower components are going to last the longest, as the bath tub lasts anywhere between 25 and 50 years and the shower head will last a lifetime. The toilet will last a very long time as well at 50 years. Depending on how long you own your home, you may consider replacing the the sink and taps once or twice, as each of

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For Sale By Owner VS Realtor

For Sale by Owner VS Realtor

Many people looking to sell their home try to sell it on their own as a For Sale by Owner listing. It often is stressful enough trying to get your home ready to go on the market, let alone trying to sell it by yourself. When you hire a realtor, you are hiring somebody who is licensed to sell homes and handle marketing efforts. Once your home sells, you will be paying your realtor commission for the work they've done, but it will be well worth it considering how quickly and efficiently they will get the job done for you. Here are some important facts to keep in mind when contemplating hiring a realtor.

1) Generally, homes sell for $40,000 more when they are sold by a realtor than when they are sold For Sale by

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