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Foyer DIY Project While new homes often feature an entry hall with vaulted ceilings and no shortage of storage space for coats and boots, older homes may lack a foyer entirely. In smaller houses, it's common for the front door to lead directly into the living room.

While this saves space, it's not always convenient — and it may leave you wishing for an area with more visual impact to welcome guests into your home. 

Luckily, making a foyer in the living room isn't impossible. If you get creative, you can carve out a welcoming spot and some room to store your outerwear without taking up too much of your living space.

Weatherproof the Floor

One main advantage of a foyer is that its floor is typically tiled in ceramic or stone to keep you from tracking dirt

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Fall Home For Sale Many people think of summer as the best time to sell a house, but autumn can also be a good time to put your home on the market. Knowing what buyers are looking for and how to avoid the pitfalls of the season can help you sell your home fast.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Autumn is a very dramatic time in many neighborhoods. With leaves changing colors and rain storms rolling in and out, lawn maintenance and exterior home maintenance is more important than ever.

  • Rake leaves continuously: Piles of un-raked leaves on the ground will remind home buyers of yard work, and may even lead them to believe that your lawn requires too much maintenance. Keep your leaves raked and out of site at all times.
  • Clean your home's exterior: Your home's exterior
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Home Has not Sold The process of selling a home does not always go according to plan, and homeowners can find themselves sitting on a home for longer than expected. In fact, there are no guarantees that any home will attract the right buyer and proceed to the closing table.

However, when a home fails to attract buyers and languishes too long on the market, there are often specific issues that can be addressed to improve the chances of a successful sale.

If you are trying to sell your home and are experiencing poor results, here are four of the most common reasons why and how they can be resolved.  

Market Conditions

If your home is not selling but neither are many others in your area, chances are that market conditions are at fault. This can happen when

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Home Buying Without Stress Buying a home can be stressful, but there are many things you can do to reduce your stress during the buying process. Being prepared and working with knowledgeable experts can help.

Below are some of the most important things you can do to make your real estate purchase as stress-free as possible.

Give Yourself Time

Buying a house takes time. Even after you find a house to buy, making an offer can take days or weeks as a price is negotiated, and the escrow and closing process can take another month after the price is settled. Trying to rush your purchase can create stress and lead to mistakes.

If you need to vacate your current residence by a set date, give yourself several months lead time to find an agent, find a house, make an

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Basement Home Seller Tips Unfinished basements lack a certain glamour. When staging your home to sell, making your unfinished basement look appealing to buyers can be a challenge.

You may not achieve the level of refinement in your basement that you can reach in other parts of your home, but with basic cleaning and organizing, you can present your unfinished basement as serviceable, functional and useful.

Make Necessary Repairs

Many basements will face problems with moisture and flooding at one point or another. If your basement has had these problems in the past, there may be parts of your basement that require repairs.

Even if your basement is now dry and the moisture is under control, problems like cracks, mildew stains and water stained wood will signal

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Home Closing Steps and Paperwork After dozens of open houses, home showings and emails from your real estate agent who would forward home listings that fit your preferences, you finally found the right home.

You've done everything right with getting home inspections and finding out about the history of the house, as well as any liens that might hold up the process. Now it is time for the final stage of purchasing the house: the closing process.

The closing process will be your final meeting you with the home seller to transfer ownership of the house into your hands. It will also be the day you take out the checkbook to make payments toward the closing costs, down payments and other fees that are your responsibility. Here are the basic steps of the closing process once the

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Home Inspection Things to Expect Home inspections can tell you whether or not things like the roof, plumbing, foundation and electrical system are in good shape. However, they do not tell you everything that may go wrong with the home in the future.

Before you get a home inspection, it is beneficial to understand how a home inspection can help you understand the structure and components of the house and whether or not to proceed with buying it.

Home Inspections

A home inspection is designed to examine major components of the home that are reasonably viewable. It cannot detect problems with the home that are covered by drywall, flooring and other finishes.

In general, you can expect the home inspector to examine the roof, certain electrical components including the

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Mobile and manufactured homes are one of the most affordable ways to get into home ownership; unfortunately however, some lenders are hesitant to extend mortgage loans on mobile homes or manufactured housing. If you currently own either a mobile home or a manufactured home or are in the market to buy one. Some lenders have found this market too risky, while others don’t believe that they will make enough of a profit, as these mortgages are generally quite a bit lower than a mortgage on a traditional single family home.


This market reluctance to offer mortgage loans on mobile or manufactured homes has left some buyers with no option but to forgo a traditional mortgage loan and instead purchase their property via a personal property loan. The

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How to Save for a Home You’ve likely budgeted before for a big-ticket item like a new television or car. However, it’s another thing altogether when saving up for a new home.  

Here are some tips on how to develop a budget and where to cut expenses for when you plan to make a home purchase.

Be Realistic About the Budget

You can cut out every extra expense in your life and still not be able to afford some homes. Do yourself a favor and avoid setting your sights too high. Everyone has their dream home, but if the price is astronomical, all the budgeting in the world won’t make a difference. Budgeting is a powerful tool, and gives you have an idea of your realistic price range. Knowing what you can afford will save a lot of time and heartache later.

Track Your

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Are you thinking about buying a home but not sure what you can afford? Have you wondered about interest only mortgages and what advantages and disadvantages they may offer? If so, then you’re in luck because we’ve collected some great information about interest only mortgages!

What is an interest only mortgage loan? How does one work?

Internet only mortgages are mortgage loans where, for a certain number of months or years (the specific amount of time will be determined by the terms of your mortgage loan), your monthly mortgage payment only includes the interest due on your loan. During the interest-only period you will not be paying down the principal of your loan – that will come after the expiration of the initial interest-only period. At the

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