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The Commerce Pines Subdivision is located in Commerce Township and is situated in a more suburban part of the community.  When you live in the Commerce Pines Subdivision, you’ll find that you’re really close to Walled Lake Central High School making it easy for your teens to walk to school on those warmer days of the year.  Head south down Commerce Road and you’ll reach a fork.  One way gets you into Walled Lake which features a variety of restaurants including Bayside Grill offering a beautiful view of the water – it’s also a great spot for boating, paddling and swimming at their public beach.  The other direction takes you into Novi which features literally hundreds of shopping options amid its mall and shopping complexes as well as dining options,

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Green Dot Stables provides a casual atmosphere with excellent sliders, soups, salads and fries for everybody to enjoy. This is a great spot for families to dine and friends to catch up. Here's what you can expect when you choose Green Dot Stables for your next meal.

The Menu

The food menu is all about sliders and they range from Quinoa burgers to Philly Cheesesteak. Some of the most popular sliders include:

  • Corned Beef
  • Cheeseburger
  • BBQ Bacon
  • Korean
  • Tempeh
  • BCT
  • Mystery Meat
  • Fried Chicken
  • Coney Dog
  • Gyro
  • Fried Bologna
  • PB&J
  • And Many More!

The sliders are all priced between $2 and $3, so it's easy to order a few for a meal. The also offer multiple French fries including:

  • Truffle & Herb
  • Cajun
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The Carla Hills Subdivision is nestled on the northwestern side of Commerce Township.  When you own a home in Commerce Township, you’ll find that you’re close to many cool outdoor activities.  Just to the west is the Highland State Recreation Area and to the south is the Proud Lake State Recreation Area which combined has over 10,000 acres of parkland to do everything from swimming and paddling to hunting and camping to enjoying picnics and the playground with the kids.  There are also many small to large lakes in the area with a few dozen bodies of water to spend time on.

The Carla Hills Subdivision offers great colonial, ranch and contemporary style homes that were built in the late-1970’s and 1980’s.  These beautiful homes feature 3-6 bedrooms

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Whether you’re raising a family in Commerce Township , looking for your first home or even have called this metro Detroit suburb home for years and years, you’ll find that there are a lot of great little spots around town worth checking out.  The sprawling parks that offer thousands of acres of land are great for a family picnic, swimming or playing on the playground.  You’ll also be near many lakes that are perfect for quiet afternoons when you want to fish or summer weekends when you, family and friends want to take the boat out.  There are unique family-owned restaurants all throughout Commerce Township and nearby Milford and Waterford that are local staples as well as chain restaurants when you want something a little more familiar.

Head down

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The Campbell Creek Subdivision is an exclusive and small neighborhood nestled on the southeast side of Commerce Township.  When you live in the Campbell Creek Subdivision you’ll be near a premiere spot in the northern Detroit suburbs.  Situated close to the M-5 Freeway, you’ll be able to make it into downtown Detroit in about a half-hour for those times you want to check out a Tigers or Lions game.  To the south is Novi which offers luxurious shopping areas, a movie theater, bars and restaurants as well as many entertainment places for both adults and children.  You’re also fairly close to dozens of lakes so you’ll have a spot to in the summertime when you want to go swimming or paddling or boating.

The Campbell Creek Subdivision offers beautiful

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When you live in Commerce Township, you’ll find that you’re in a really cool spot in the metro Detroit area.  The township itself is a good size at thirty square miles so you could be living close to such hot spots as Novi where you’ll find the luxurious Twelve Oaks Mall, Michigan’s only Cheesecake Factory and the Fountain Walk which has an eclectic array of restaurant options, a bowling alley, arcade and a movie theater.  But head north in Commerce Township and it’s a little more rural.  You’ll be closer to parks and lakes which encompass the West Bloomfield, Commerce Township and White Lake areas.  If you’re looking for versatility then you’ll embrace a spot like Commerce Township.

The Bridge Pointe Subdivision is a luxurious subdivision nestled

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Food - Image Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/users/Unsplash-242387/

Mudgie’s Deli is an authentic artisan deli in historic Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. They’ve been voted the best deli for six years in a row and they serve not only the freshest and highest quality food on their menu, but they also feature over 100 craft beers, mead, wine and cocktails. They try to use only local products while roasting their meats in-house.

Enjoy fresh soups, excellent coffee and bring in your computer to use their free Wi-Fi. You’ll also love how they are always recycling and sourcing from local producers when possible. Here is a look at what you can enjoy at Mudgie’s in Detroit.

About Mudgie’s

Located at 1300 Porter Street in Detroit, Mudgie’s is the perfect place to go for a coffee, lunch, brunch or dinner and beers.

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When you live in the Birkdale Pointe Subdivision in Commerce Township, you’ll find that you’re at a great location providing you lots of natural beauty while also being close to many of the great spots that metro Detroit has to offer.  If you like being outdoors then you’ll love this area of Commerce Township.  You’ll be near Dodge Park #5 which is a small park for hiking, picnics and sporting events like soccer as well as Proud Lake State Recreation Area which features thousands of acres of parkland and lakes making it an ideal spot to spend the day.

Living in the Birkdale Pointe Subdivisions, you’ll find that you’re near the Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital which has many specialties including the Harris Birthing Center which is a premiere maternity

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The beautiful Beacon Hill subdivision is located in Commerce Township off of Cooley Lake Road just east of Milford. While this area may seem far from the major metro Detroit area, there’s a lot to see and do.  Living near Milford means you’re only a couple miles away from their charming downtown area with unique and tasty restaurants, boutique shops, walkable streets and a great park with a playground and lots of space for a pick up football game or Frisbee.  You’ll be situated near three major state parks and metroparks offering thousands of acres of land and water for everything from hiking and biking to swimming and fishing and just about everything that an outdoor enthusiast will love.

Commerce Township is an ideal spot to call home.  Beyond

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When you live in Commerce Township, you’ll find that you’re in a beautiful part of the metro Detroit area with plenty of nature while also offering the shopping and dining options you’d expect in the suburbs.  For the outdoor enthusiast, you’ll have Dodge Park #5 situated right at Commerce Road and Commerce Road (no, that’s not a typo) as well as Proud Lake State Recreation Area.  Both these spots are ideal for spending the day outdoors for picnics, hiking, biking as well as playground spots and fields for the kids.  You’ll find big box stores, boutique stores and specialty stores all throughout making Commerce an ideal spot to call home.

For those looking to raise a family, the Augusta Woods Subdivision is great.  This elegant, recently

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