The efficiency expert:

Tyler loves to travel in his free time. He’s been to 20+ countries across the globe, and highly encourages others to get out and experience other cultures. 

Tyler believes in giving back as much as possible and helping the causes that mean the most. He worked as a marketing manager for SickKids Children’s Hospital of Toronto Ontario. He also served as head of B2B fundraising For the American Red Cross, Amnesty International, United Way and several other major nonprofit charity organizations.

As of recently Tyler is the owner and founder of MedicalPatientFinder™️, a social media advertising agency that caters to medical-based businesses. In Real Estate He uses his Social Media Advertising knowledge to help his clients sell their homes quickly and efficiently. His top 2 tips for selling your home FAST are:

1) Be competitively priced

2)Bring massive exposure to your home via his specialized advertising method called 'The Master Home Selling Formula'