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Selling Your Michigan Home

...I have tried every technique known to mankind over the years, picked the most productive activities, and implemented them into the most pro-active marketing plan in the industry causing us to sell over 200 homes a year.

So you're thinking about putting your home on the market to ultimately get it SOLD. Or you may have already tried to sell your home with another Realtor and it didn't work. (Don't feel bad over half of the 400 homes I've sold in the last 2 years were once listed with another Realtor.)

Do not take our word for it, Click here for a testimonial from a homeowner we just represented in Northville who had their home on the market for over 4 years with many different real estate agents in Northville. They found our website on the internet and decided that if they found our website, there is a good chance that many buyers probably find this website too. Do you think that would help getting you the exposure you deserve?

Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen To Our Raving Fans

Don't take our word for it, listen to what our Raving Fans have to say about their experience with The MARK Z. Home Selling Team. We have literally thousands of Raving Fans who brag about our peformance and results.

Choosing The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

You probably already have an idea of where you would like to move to, assuming you sell your home. All you need is a marketing plan that works in this type of market. I have that marketing plan. My marketing plan is the most aggressive Pro-Active Marketing Plan in the industry.

It's a big decision that has probably been a thought in your mind for some time. I say that because most homeowners don't just wake up in the morning and decide to put their house on the market without giving it a lot of thought.

With that being said, do you agree that the magnitude of this decision and the result of the outcome could have an everlasting effect on your future, and your family's? For a long time the Michigan real estate market has been very good to sellers. We've seen an upward trend for over 15 years. A homeowner looking to sell their home in Michigan would never think about the possibility that the house may not sell. In today's market only 5% of the homes on the market sell each month. The rest are what we call "expired listings."

Why Didn't Your Home Sell The First Time?

In 2009 over 13,256 homeowners listed their home for sale in Metro Detroit but never sold. According to a report by Standard and Poors, Metro Detroit homeowners lost 18% of their equity. If you listed with the wrong Realtor for 6 months it cost you 9% of your equity. So the question becomes, are you looking to list your home or sell your home?

I specialize in selling Expired Listings. Bottom line is, I sell more homes every two weeks, than most agents sell in a year. If all Realtors used the same marketing techniques they would all get the same results. It's a combination of cutting edge technology and using much more pro-active techniques.

Listing With The Wrong Agent Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

This decision puts thousands of dollars at stake. Your equity, your life savings, and even your credit, are all on the line. The big decision that needs to be made here is, deciding who you're going to trust handling everything for you and your family.

...It's no different than if you were being sued for a MILLION dollars. Obviously this could shatter your future.

Would you look for the cheapest attorney?

Would you entertain an attorney who practices law part time?

Would you use an attorney that's a friend, just because you have known them for a long time and want to do them a favor?

Of course not! You would call the attorney who defends people in this situation, day in and day out, and has a past track record that is second to none!

Wouldn't you call the attorney that has a PLAN of ACTION, who has the experience, confidence, and knowledge to defend you in your time of need?

I am that Realtor with a proven PLAN of ACTION! I have a distinguished history. I'm on track to sell over 500 homes this year. If all Realtors used the same techniques, wouldn't we all get the same results? According to the National Association of Realtors, the average Realtor sells seven homes a year. Ouch! A good idea during the interview process is to ask for a list of homes the Realtor has sold in the last year.

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When your goal is to sell your home hassle-free, there is one sure way to make that happen. Believe it or not, the only thing that you need to do is to understand how the selling process works. If all of these factors receive adequate consideration, it is almost guaranteed that your home will sell quickly and with as little hassle as possible. When you have this information, you know what to expect and when to expect it! Here you will learn about the step-by-step journey through the home-selling process. There's nothing worse than being surprised by part of the home-selling process while you're mid-stream. Making a mistake along the way could cost you a lot!

The Right Plan Could Put 13% More Money In Your Pocket

SELLING YOUR HOME, and deciding on who will represent you in this time of need, is no different than the attorney example. Whether you're selling a $50,000 home or a home worth millions of dollars, I take this job very seriously. The real professionals in this industry stop looking at the money to be made, and concentrate on helping people. As crazy as that sounds and I know only a select few will understand that it's the little secret in life.

...As long as I keep helping people, the money takes care of itself. I think too many Realtors concentrate on the money and overlook their clients' real needs.

I have a Marketing Plan, a 151 Step Action Plan I like to call it, that has been proven to work in any type of market. I've found that it works best in this type of market. Why, you ask? Because so many sellers are represented by Realtors who have no clue what to do in this market. They are panicking to say the least, and a lot have even found part time jobs to keep paying the bills because they can't figure out how to sell a home.

That makes my job that much easier. While most sellers and most Realtors are trying to figure out what to do next, my marketing plan is light years ahead of theirs. I have never sold more homes than in the last two years, in which most people have said "nothing is selling". In 2013 I helped 409 homeowners sell their homes in Michigan. In 2014 that number will be over 550 homes SOLD.

Obviously, what I do works. I'm passionate about Michigan real estate and I have a true desire to help people. I have a track record that speaks for itself. That's why I live by the motto "Success Is Based On A History, Not A Promise".

Call me today to set up an appointment to find out what I'm doing different in this type of market to get so many homes SOLD!

What's Your Home Worth In Todays Market?

When selling a home in today's marketplace there is nothing more important than pricing your home properly when you first come on the market. Statistics over the years have shown that you will always get more money by being priced "right" at the start of the listing versus reducing the price later.

I know there are times when you may be thinking about selling your home because either you or your spouse is thinking about filing for divorce in Michigan. If this is the case I highly recommend you call Michigan Divorce Attorney Jannelle J. Zawaideh, a southfield michigan divorce lawyer, to help you with any questions you may have.

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