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Doherty Elementary is located in the 48322 zip code of West Bloomfield, Michigan.  They are part of the West Bloomfield School District which educates over 6,000 students from West Bloomfield as well as a three other nearby communities.  Doherty Elementary School is a Kindergarten through second grade elementary school building which also has some pre-school classes.  Their goal is to provide the young students with a strong foundation to help them succeed throughout their elementary school years and beyond.
Doherty Elementary


If you live near Doherty Elementary School, you’ll find yourself in close proximity to the beautiful Walnut Lake and be just south of other beauties such as Pine Lake, Orchard Lake and Upper Straits Lake.  The luxurious Tom O’Shanter Country Club is nearby and you’ll be near a lot of the great boutique shops located on Orchard Lake Road.

One of the great things about living near Doherty Elementary School is how much access you have to the nearby communities.  A few minutes and you’ll be on Telegraph Road which is where you’ll find some shopping and dining options as well as easier access to the major freeways in metro Detroit.  It’s easy to head westward when you want to spend the day at the park or check out the shopping and dining options in Novi.

Whether you’re looking for a home overlooking the water or want a sprawling subdivision where your children can safely play in neighborhood parks, living near Doherty Elementary School has the options to best suit your needs.

Facts about the Doherty Elementary

• There are 30 full-time teachers.
• The ratio between teachers to students is 16.3.
• In any given school year, there are approximately 485 students.

Facts about the Doherty Elementary District

The West Bloomfield School District educates approximately 6,600 students from West Bloomfield as well as some of the other nearby communities.  They include portions of: Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake and Sylvan Lake.

There are:
• 5 Elementary Schools
• 2 Middle Schools
• 1 High School

School Information

Doherty Elementary School
3575 Walnut Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone:  248-865-6020
Principal: Robin Kocher

West Bloomfield Schools
5810 Commerce Rd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Phone:  248-865-6420