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The Ann Arbor School District is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Ann Arbor Public Schools is the 8th largest school district among 555 districts in Michigan. The district includes 32 schools that serve 16,646 students in grades prekindergarten through 12. The Ann Arbor School District has 16 students for every full-time equivalent teacher. The Michigan state average is 18 students per full-time equivalent teacher. The district operates 20 elementary schools: 1 K-8 open school, 5 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, 3 alternative high schools; 3 preschools, and 1 adult education program. In 2006, The Ann Arbor School District was named in "Best 100 Communities for Music Education in America" by AMC Music. In 2013, the Ann Arbor School District received the Sunny Award for website informational transparency, which is very important.

There are great homes located within the Ann Arbor School District. Families that move into the district will be happy with the quality education that their children receive. Ann Arbor is a great place to live and raise a family.