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Sandee Coules Web

Office: 248-937-1337

Cell: 586-914-0937


Originally from Queens, NY, Sandee was raised with a missionary mindset.  At the age of seven her family moved to the Dominican Republic to help administer medicine and deliver food to families in need.  Shortly after living in the missions, her family moved back to the U.S. for Sandee's health.  She needed open heart surgery and her family decided she would be best cared for in NYC. After they moved back to NY her mother established Catholic Bookstores and set up numerous fundraisers to support orphanages and hospitals in the missions they had served.

Sandee's love of people and assisting them in accomplishing their dreams led her to pursue a career in ministry.  After graduating with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and an Apostolic Catechetical Diploma she soon married the love of her life, moved to MI and worked for the Archdiocese of Detroit as a Hispanic Youth Ministry Coordinator.  
After the birth of her first born daughter Sandee's health declined.  Sandee changed her diet and fitness regimen.  After eight years of being a Zumba instructor and assisting seniors with Aquafit and Silver Sneakers, Sandee has decided it is time to help others achieve their dreams of home ownership.  She cannot wait to help you live your best life and finally live in your dream home!