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Real estate is a powerful thing. Where you live becomes the center of your universe: your “home base” and a place where memories are made. Even an investment property can have a profound effect on your life’s story—when chosen correctly, it becomes long-term financial freedom and a vital part of your well-diversified portfolio.

Anchored by EXP REALTY MARK Z TEAM to guide you through the real estate process. Whether a buyer, a seller, or an investor, we think of our clients as family. Lean on us—we are here to keep the process fluid, successful, and as low-stress as possible.

Thanks to a numerous years as real estate professionals in Michigan, we are proud of our reputation for excellent negotiation skills, cutting-edge marketing, and invaluable connections, both locally and globally. 

Not quite ready to buy or sell, but curious about neighborhood options, local schools, our techniques, or current real estate “buzz”? Don’t be shy—reach out to us (note: includes link to contact). 

Rozy is one of our resident experts on the Mark Z team, on real estate topics ranging from marketing, lead generation, transactional best practices and everything in between. As a licensed agent in the state of Michigan, Rozy has been a part of hundreds of transactions from modest rural starter homes to massive Deals. Rozy is a nurse in the medical field she loves helping people she loves putting smiles on their faces finding them their perfect home. Rozy loves her family, she enjoys working out and spending time with her kids. Your concern is Rozy’s concern, she will commit to helping you.