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Ron Provenzano is a Realtor for the Mark Z Real Estate Experts of EXP Realty. He has over 4 years of real estate experience, beginning his career at Keller Williams in 2015. Ron’s communication skills and work ethic helped propel him quickly to the top of the industry as one of the top Listing Specialists in Michigan. In January of 2019, Ron joined forces with Mark Z.

Prior to Real Estate, Ron sought out a career in criminal justice where he studied at MCCC and became a member of the Wayne County Sherriff’s department for 18 years. Ron believes his background gives him a better understanding of people and this gives him a huge advantage in the real estate industry.

In his spare time, Ron studies Real Estate Industry speculations and trends. This provides him the edge in marketing homes for his clients to get the most money and to sell the fastest. Most of all he enjoys spending time with his 2 children who he couldn’t be more proud of. He looks forward to meeting and working with you in the near future.