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Michigan Lakefront Real Estate

Waterfront Name Size (Acres) All Sports Private Public Other
LakeAngelus 413 X X   LakeHours
AldermanLake 19.6        
AlgoeLake 1.8        
BaldEagleLake 125 X   X  
Bass Lake-Commerce 37   X   Small Motors
BassLake 2.7        
BeatyLake 3.5        
BevinsLake 34.5        
BigLake 215 X   X  
BigSevenLake 170        
BigWaltersLake 76.5 X X    
BogieLake 76   X    
BrendelLake 89 X X    
Bridge, East & West 21.3        
BloomfieldLake 5        
BushLake 110 X X    
CarrolLake 33   X    
CassLake 1260 X X    
CedarIslandLake 144 X   X  
CemetaryLake 34.5        
Chamberlain 11.5        
CommerceLake 262 X X    
ChittendenLake 8        
CooleyLake 86 X X    
CopneconicLake 110        
CranberryLake 22.2        
CranbrookLake 10.7        
CrescentLake 90.4        
CrookedLake 68        
CrotcheLake 29        
Crystal Lake 12        
DavidsonLake 56        
DeepLake 14.8        
DeerLake 137 X   X LakeHours
DixieLake 78 X X    
DuckLake 253 X X    
EagleLake 19.7 X X    
EchoLake 3.2        
ElizaLake 76   X    
ElizabethLake 363 X X    
ElkhornLake 45        
Foley Pond 16        
FoxLake 6.2 X X    
FlandersLake 9.6   X    
GenevaLake 19.2 X X    
GilbertLake 50        
GrahamLake(East) 11.2   X    
GrahamLake(West) 21.5   X    
GrassLake 30.1   X    
GravelLake 37        
GreenLake 100   X    
GreensLake 117 X X    
HartwigLake 6.6   X    
HeronLake 13.2   X    
HavenHillLake 69   X    
HeatherLake 89   X    
HoneywellLake 14.3        
HuntoonLake 42.5 X X    
IslandLake   X S    
JudahLake 115   X   Small Motors
KentLake(Kensington) 1000 X      
KregorLake 8.9        
LittleSilverLake 35.5 X   X  
LakevilleLake 460 X   X  
LakeOakland 253 X   X  
LittleLake 16        
Long Lake-Orion 146 X X    
Long Lake-Commerce 125 X   X  
Long Lake-Bloomfield 210 X X    
Long Lake-Waterford 243 X      
Loon Lake-Wixom 78 X X    
Lotus-MacedayLakes 429 X   X  
Lake Louise 103 X   X  
Lower Straits 235 X X    
MandonLake 26 X X    
LakeMarion 6        
MeadowLake 15.6        
Middle Straits 171 X X    
MilfordLake 66        
MillLake 30        
MohawkLake 23.3 X X    
MooreLake 92        
LittleMorganLake 12.3        
MorrisLake 15        
MoonLake 3.7        
NarrinLake 26.9        
LakeOna 2.5   X   No Motors
OrangeLake 40 X X    
OrchardLake 783 X   X  
Oxbow Loake 246 X X    
ParkeLake 23        
LowerPettiboneLake 89 X      
UpperPettiboneLake 44.5        
PhippsLake 54        
PickeralLake 7.9        
Pine Lake-Springfield 17   X   No Motors
Pine Lake-WestBloomfield 395 X X    
Pleaseant Lake-Waterford 95 X X    
Pleasant Lake-W.Bloomfield 41       No Motors
PontiacLake 585 X   X  
Lower ProudLake 49 X      
Upper ProudLake 55 X      
RataleeLake 50        
ReedLake 32       No Motors
RobinsonLake 20.3        
RoundLake 46 X X    
SchoolhouseLake 37 X X    
ScottLake 77.5 X X    
LittleSilverLake 35.5 X   X  
SimonsonLake 9.8        
SodonLake 5.9        
SpringLake 12        
Square Lake-Orion 94 X X    
Square Lake-Bloomfield 63 X X    
StewartLake 30        
StoneyLake 67.7        
LowerStraitsLake 235 X X    
MiddleStraitsLake 171 X X    
UpperStraitsLake 232 X X    
StrawberryLake 30        
Stringy Lakes          
CedarLake 47 X X    
ClearLake 32.5 X X    
LongLake 34.5 X X    
TanLake 22.1 X X    
SquawLake 28 X X    
SugdenLake 66        
TamarackLake 28        
TeepleLake 48        
TipsicoLake 301 X      
TullLake 85 X      
UnionLake 465 X   X  
Upper Straits 232 X X    
ValleyLake 37        
VanNormanLake 78 X X    
VoorheisLake 182 X X   LakeHours
WalledLake 670 X X    
WalnutLake 232 X X    
WaterburyLake 36 X X    
BigWaltersLake 76.5 X X    
WatkinsLake 238 X X    
WaumegahLake 110 X X    
WhiteLake 540 X   X  
WhippleLake 75 X X    
WildwoodLake 37        
WilliamsLake 155 X X    
WolverineLake 241 X X    
WoodhullLake 125 X X    
WoodpeckerLake 16        
WormerLake 27.5        
WestBloomfieldLake 12        

Dreaming of lake frontage in Southeastern Michigan? We have that! Have you always wanted that luxury lakefront property, but yet not in a position to go up north? You'll find it throughout
Oakland County. 

Communities to start your search would be Commerce Township, West Bloomfield, White Lake, Orchard Lake, Novi, Waterford, Highland, Lake Angelus, Milford, or Pontiac.

Home to the Great Lakes, Michigan certainly has no shortage of waterfront or lake front homes. The allure of lakefront property is partially due to the fact that one can go water skiing, fishing, sailing, boating and canoeing whenever they choose. With each passing year, the lakefront land is becoming much more scarce and costly to buy. This is because Michigan lakefront property has become a valuable commodity.

The value of lakefront property is only increasing since its quantity cannot be increased. To be in possession of any type of waterfront property in America is status symbol. The scenic beauty offers a calm atmosphere. Lakefront property is considered a cherished asset, which can also be rented out or be used as collateral for a loan. A lakefront property should be looked upon as an investment, providing years of fun and family vacation. 

Lakefront living isn't always for everyone.  There are some things to think twice about. In case of safety issues, there is always danger associated with drowning, fast boats or diving into shallow water. The lakefront property owners also have to pay higher taxes than other property owners. The maintenance costs are very high, as the lakefront property has to be kept clean. Some lakefront owners feel there is a lack of privacy since your backyard is constantly viewed.

No matter what your waterfront dreams consist of, we can make it happen. Michigan lakefront real estate includes everything from small cabins to expansive luxury waterfront homes—from charming beachfront cottages, to the latest in custom modern designs. It's critical you hire a lakefront Realtor, that specializes in waterfront michigan homes.

Contact Michigan Waterfront Real Estate Agent MARK Z. & Associates for more information about MI Lakefront homes.


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