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Kirk Weber is a Realtor for the Mark Z Real Estate Experts of EXP Realty. He has over 15 years of real estate experience, beginning with Real Estate One in 2005. Kirk’s competence and work ethic helped propel him quickly to the top of the industry as he managed large portfolios for major financing institutions and asset companies. In January of 2009, Kirk joined forces with Mark Z.

Prior to Real Estate, Kirk was a project manager for a commercial construction company. Kirk earned a Bachelors of Science from Eastern Michigan in Construction Management. In addition to working with Mark Z, he also worked for a Real Estate Auction company where he used his knowledge and skills to help serve for commercial real estate auction. Kirk believes his background gives him a better understanding of the real estate industry.

He has dedicated over 15 years helping clients buy and sell property with over 2300 transactions and $475 million in sales. Furthermore, he has served his industry by holding various chairman positions on committees of Realtors. Kirk has consistently competed in the top 1% of Realtors.

In his spare time, Kirk enjoys coaching youth travel baseball, cooking, and gardening. Most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife and son. Kirk dedicates time and funds to youth sports organizations in the Metro Detroit area. He looks forward to meeting and working with you in the near future.