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Known for his dedication to providing clients with fast and efficient service, it is James’s mission to always keep clients' needs and interests above his own. With over 10 years of experience in customer service, James is truly passionate about going above and beyond for his clients. Progressing to real estate came naturally, where he leverages customer relations skills acquired over time with negotiation, presentation, interpersonal and social media marketing skills to give clients an edge while making their real estate dreams a reality. James uses his wealth of knowledge to positively affect lives, not only considering the returns but placing a real emphasis on the impact such transactions have on clients. James maintains an extensive network of connections with fellow agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and title agencies that make him the best agent to partner with who will walk the journey with you until you become a homeowner. James is a member of Metro Detroit's dance music community and is in constant contact with high profile professionals and community members. This gives him an advantage over other agents in finding sellers, buyers, and investors with the best opportunities.