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Mark, tell me how this works?

cash-offer-by-mark-zSimply fill out the form telling us about the house you want to sell. I will personally process your information and my office will set up a time for me quickly take a look at your home. From that point, I will determine a cash offer on your home either from me personally and/or from my network of investors that are hungry to purchase homes in the local market. I will call you within 72 hours with a cash offer on your home.

Mark, what kind of offer can I expect?

Any offer you receive will be an amount discounted from the retail value of your house if it was fully renovated. As a seasoned investor, I can tell you we like to buy homes below market value for a profit. However we close quickly, pay cash, and pay our own closing costs. Typically, we are able to pay more since we don't have to pay commissions buying or selling. Most investors that compete to buy from me are looking to steal a home. We simply make a fair offer based on the return on our investment.

Mark, do you charge anything for this?

No. This is simply a service I provide for home sellers that are looking to sell and don't want to mess with listing their home with a Realtor. If you wish, I can offer you advice on the best approach to net the most money in the shortest time. As a Professional Realtor, I will ask you some questions to determine exactly what your goals are and I will advise you  as to how I can help you reach those goals.

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