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Brian Taylor is a realtor who combines his love for the industry with his passion for education. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University (BA, MA—go Eagles!). Before getting into the real estate industry, Brian previously worked in finance and technology sales. He is an active agent with the Mark Z Home Selling team having experience in the property management division as well.

In the metro Detroit area, he is helping to lead his team by representing buyers and sellers on a day-to-day basis, and considers the education—of his clients, himself and other real estate agents—an important part of his role as a realtor.

To date, Brian’s most notable achievement is his affiliation with his beloved fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. Through his work with the fraternity and as a realtor, he is committed to giving back to the communities in which he and his team serve—giving a portion of every closing commission back to local and national charities on behalf of his clients.

Brian is also an actor who has appeared in both national and local advertisements for very well known companies, which has awarded him the title as “The Celebrity of Celebrity Realtors”.  

Want an easy conversation starter with Brian? Here are some suggested topics: The Detroit Lions, local beer, social media, cologne, seafood, stocks … and real estate.