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5 Benefits of Solar Energy for Homeowners

Posted by M Z on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 11:31am.

5 Benefits of Solar Energy for HomeownersMany homeowners worry about the cost of switching to solar panels or think that using solar panels will not produce significant energy savings. Homeowners should be aware that solar power is used in a number of countries and research shows support for energy savings and increased home value.

Learn more about the important benefits of solar energy and why solar energy may be the right choice to power your home.

Tap into a Sustainable Energy Source

One of the advantages of solar panels is the ability for homeowners to use a sustainable source of energy. The generation of energy with solar power helps countries curb emissions of gas and chemical by-products. Germany is one of the leading countries tapping into the potential of solar energy but China and other countries are coming to rely on this source of sustainable energy. Homeowners often appreciate that the installation of a residential solar system can help offset carbon dioxide emissions.

Invest in an Affordable Source of Energy

Homeowners can choose to either purchase a solar panel system or lease solar panels. There is an upfront expense when buying and installing solar panels but homeowners can benefit from tax incentives or credits as well as lower utility charges when turning to solar power. Now “pay-as-you-go” financing is available for those interested in solar leasing and a third-party company assumes responsibility for the installation and maintenance of a solar panel system. Homeowners who pay for a solar panel system in cash may recoup their costs from lower electricity bills in an average time of 5 years.

Be More Self-sufficient

Homeowners may choose to store solar energy in batteries suitable for residential use in communities like Livonia, a useful tool to become more independent from utility companies and in some cases live off-grid. Self-sufficiency and negligible energy costs have great appeal to certain homeowners across the country and solar energy reduces dependence on foreign energy sources, including coal, oil and natural gas. Solar panel customers may also get paid back to some extent by electricity companies interested in purchasing any extra energy produced from their installed solar panels.

Boost Home Value

Homeowners looking to sell may make their home more attractive to potential buyers with solar panels. One study showed support that homes with solar panels often sell for 17 percent more money and 20 percent faster than comparable homes without. Other research found that the addition of solar panels increased the sale price of an average home by $17,000.

An Easy Process

When solar panels initially became available, it was a long process to find a suitable solar company. Now solar power consultants can help homeowners navigate the process and find an affordable way to switch to a green energy solution for residential use. A specific state's incentives and credits may make it less expensive to pay for or to lease a solar panel system for a home today.

Research for Yourself

Homeowners are surprised to learn that sunny and dry areas are not the only regions where solar panels can be installed and used as a residential energy source. Cold weather promotes the conductivity of solar panels and more homeowners that experience cooler temperatures are now investigating solar energy. There are many reasons to look into solar panels, a popular solution that can be found in communities throughout the United States. Reduce a home's carbon footprint and lower energy bills after choosing to switch to solar energy.

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