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March 2018

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How to Prepare a Home for a Home ShowingOne of the most important things that a homeowner can do when trying to sell their property is prepare for home showings. Buyers tend to respond more positively to homes that are clean, hospitable and inviting. Homeowners who get their home ready before buyers come often find it easier to sell their property. Good staging techniques can even lead to bigger offers. These tips will help.

Make The Home Cozy and Hospitable

Buyers like to imagine themselves relaxing in the home that they're thinking about purchasing. Sellers can make it easier for buyers to think of these fantasies by making their home look more hospitable. There are many ways this can be done. Draping a blanket over the arm of one chair, setting out extra pillows on the beds and

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Best High-ROI Home Improvement ProjectsFor many homeowners, one of the most important things to consider when trying to decide which home improvement projects to take on is return on investment. The right home upgrades can boost the sale price of a Commerce home and help homeowners recover their costs.

Deck Addition

Adding a deck is an inexpensive upgrade that typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000. A successful deck addition can deliver as much as 70% ROI. Containing costs is important for getting a high return on investment. This is done by using pressure treated wood instead of composite decking and by keeping the design of the deck relatively basic. It's also a good idea to landscape in the vicinity around the deck to make the new structure is as attractive as possible.

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How to Easily Boost Curb AppealImproving curb appeal does not have to be hard or expensive. Small changes can make for a more appealing exterior and make a home more inviting for prospective buyers. Explore some of the easy ways homeowners can get started on improving their home's curb appeal.

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

Seen as the frosting of a home, curb appeal generally improves the appearance of a home from the street. Potential homebuyers may use MLS listing photos and perform a drive-by of a property before deciding on which homes to actually visit. Making some small repairs and changes can help highlight a home's most attractive features, boost traffic to a listing and potentially increase the amount of potential visitors to a property.

Easy Updates to Do

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5 Tips to Simplify Landscaping and Boost Curb AppealMost homeowners have a surplus of things to maintain regularly…family, home, work, and required tasks such as keeping up the lawn. So, it comes as no surprise that finding ways to simplify lawn landscaping is on the top of many individual's priority list—including those that love communing with nature. These five outdoor landscaping hacks can help owners boost curb appeal while cutting back on expended energy for lawn upkeep.

1. Downsize and Minimize

Many homeowners unwittingly overwhelm themselves with excessive landscaping maintenance. Don't hesitate to go smaller and minimize landscaping so you can enjoy it more while working on it less. After all, sometimes the understated lawn offers the best curb appeal to DIY enthusiasts in the buyers

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