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January 2018

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Renting may be less expensive, but there are significant disadvantages to not owning your home. If you're considering purchasing your first home but are hesitant because of the potential increase in monthly payment, you'll want to take a second look at the pitfalls of renting.

Read on to understand the limitations of renting, and if you're curious to see how low your first mortgage payment can be, contact us today!


Living in a rented home or apartment gives you the flexibility to change residence with only a 30-days notice, but it gives your landlord the same power. Whether from a violation of your lease or because the property is up for sale, the landlord need only give you a 30-day notice to vacate.

Looking for a suitable home

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Target a Specific Buyer Pool to Market Raw LandSelling land requires a more imaginative approach than selling an existing house. But it doesn't have to be difficult. First, though, it's important to know how the land is zoned, what uses are permitted for the property, who the potential buyer is apt to be, and some basic financing information.

Because some buyers are unable to visualize a building on raw land, it can be helpful to prepare renderings that show what structures—whether homes, offices or commercial/industrial uses—might be built on the land. However, try not to be too specific, because the buyer pool for land is already smaller than for an existing house or building.

All Land Is Not Equal

Depending on the type of land, it is important to know what can be built on the land

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Which Green Materials Should You Use in Your New Home?Sustainable building materials are good for the environment, so many home buyers who choose to build rather than buy a home and later seek out eco-friendly building materials for their property. Using green materials is more than just good for the environment. Sustainable building materials are very chic, so choosing the right materials may increase your property's value. For homeowners seeking green materials for their home, the following types of materials are popular, practical and very environmentally friendly.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a sustainable material because cork comes from the bark of the tree, and harvesting the cork does not kill the tree. In addition to being sustainable, cork has many other great qualities as well. It's

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Dealing With Pests? Proactive Solutions for a Safer, Pest-Free HomeRodent and insect infestations in the home are a growing problem with the potential to cause both property damage to the structure and contents, as well as serious health issues for the humans and pets that live there, whether you live in Washington Township or in other communities in Michigan.

Pests In The Home Are A Serious Health Issue

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rodents such as rats and mice are capable of spreading more than 35 types of diseases to humans. But rodents are only one part of the problem. As a nation, pest infestations have now become so prevalent that ratings are available to show which cities are currently experiencing high levels of pest infestations.

Rodents pose health risks to

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How to Approach Home SecurityHome security means different things to different people, depending on their background, location, and budget. For some, it's guard dogs in the home or pepper spray on the bedside table. For others, it's high-tech security alarms that cost thousands of dollars to install. For homeowners who aren't sure where to start, keep the following tips in mind for a smarter approach to home security that may add value to your home.

Changing Mindsets

Whether a criminal is deliberate or desperate, thinking like one gives homeowners insight into where their vulnerabilities are. For example, a small bathroom window that no one bothers to lock or plenty of shadows where a criminal could go unnoticed for quite some time. Criminals don't want attention called

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Household Safety TipsFor new homeowners, maintaining a safe household can be a challenge. Knowing what to do, where to focus your energy and what kind of repairs to make can help you keep your house safe in the event of a fire. These tips will help.

Prevent Theft

You can prevent theft by making your home a less likely target. Install motion-activated lights in your yard to ensure that people who set foot on your property are put in spotlight. In addition, maintain your yard to make your home look occupied. When you leave for a vacation, find someone to trim and water the grass. Put a hold on your mail and subscriptions, or ask the person maintaining your yard to bring in your mail on a regular basis. This keeps up the appearance that your home is currently

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Thinking about buying a home but need help funding your down payment? A down payment assistance program can help! Down payment assistance programs are an often overlooked resource that you can take advantage of when you're buying a home.

Read this article to find out what down payment assistance is and how you use it to give you an edge in buying your home.

Please call our office to learn about our home lending programs and read on to see where to find down payment assistance programs.


Down payment assistance is part of your down payment is usually funded at the state or local level by a nonprofit charitable organization or even a public entity, such your labor union or employer. There are also programs

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