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December 2017

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First Steps to Addressing MoldMold can exacerbate health issues and even lower home value. Mold issues act as a red flag for potential buyers and have led to a 53 percent decrease in the value of afflicted homes. Not every type of mold is harmful to human health but some forms may lead to such problems. What can a homeowner do to take care of mold growing in their St. Clair Shores home?

Look for those initial signs of mold, while addressing any concerns and preventing a reoccurrence in the future with the following tips. Explore initial options to remediate mold today.

Mold, Your Home and Your Health

There are many forms of mold. A black mold known to be toxic, Stachybotrys chartarum, needs to be quickly addressed as it can lead to serious illness in residents.

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Your FICO score is a critical, influencing factor to getting approved for a home mortgage loan.

The FICO score, meaning the standard U.S credit rating, is largely responsible for the terms and conditions (including the interest rate) that you qualify for when you apply for a mortgage.

Determining Your FICO Score

Credit scores are calculated using the credit information gathered from credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. This report contains details such as your employment, where you live, bill paying activity, and legal matters that you are involved in such as, arrests and bankruptcy.

Your FICO score is calculated based on the data in your credit report.  This data is then grouped into five categories, including:


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Home Lighting GuideLife in a dark home can be depressing, especially at darker times of the year. Fortunately, there many things that homeowners can do to bring light into a dark home. A combination of lighting solutions can bring warmth, light and cheer to the household. Like some other home improvements, some lighting solutions may require the assistance of a professional.

Install Lamps

Lamp installation is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to make your home lighter and brighter. Ideally, lamps are plugged into outlets that are connected to wall switches, so they can be controlled from the doorway upon entering the room. Lamps that are not connected to wall switches can be connected to a remote control or clapping device that allows users to turn

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What Sellers Should Know About Selling in a Hot Seller's MarketAt first glance, a real estate market where there is a decrease in competition from other sellers and an accompanying increase of ready buyers may seem like a dream come true for the home owner ready to sell their home. Known as a seller's market, this type of real estate market can yield multiple offers and competitive bidding scenarios for some sellers, often within hours of listing their home. But even though listing a home in this type of ultra-competitive real estate market can be an excellent idea, sellers should be aware that it also offers challenges that they must overcome and these tips can help.

Preparing for Multiple Showings

With the potential for multiple buyers waiting in the wings, sellers can find themselves facing an

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Home Insurance Buying Tips That Will Keep Owners Fully CoveredRegardless of the type of home or residence one is occupying, having ample homeowners insurance coverage is essential to protect your investment. In fact, home insurance is so important that buyers with any kind of mortgage are required by the lender to have a set level of minimum protection as set forth in the purchase terms.

Comprehensive policies such as the HO-3 level of coverage provides homeowners with options for insurance levels for the home's structure and options for protection against liability lawsuits concerning the property. However, there are add ons and supplemental protections available, too. Here are some home insurance basics that can help policy buyers get the coverage they need.

Home and Personal Property Coverage

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Getting approval for a new home loan after a divorce can be challenging, but far from impossible. Obtaining a new mortgage after divorce is tricky mostly because of the joint financial history, this includes past mortgages, car loans, credit card debt, and maybe even student loans. 

Things can get further complicated if previous loans have yet to be refinanced with your name removed. 

Divorce situations are difficult enough, and our goal is to make things as smooth and transparent as possible for you. 


Here are some things to disclose when you're getting a new mortgage: 

If the house and responsibility of mortgage payments go to your ex-spouse, you will need to provide a fully executed court order that shows that the

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