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October 2017

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Home Renovation: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Pro?Our country is one of spirited DIYers who love to embrace the challenge of improving the places where we live. However, this attitude has some pitfalls. A completed DIY project is a source of pride. One that drags on for months, getting more complicated over time, can be a nightmare. How do you decide whether to call in a pro or dive in and DIY? Go through the assessment below to decide:

1. Write down every step in the process.

It's not uncommon for novices to get into a project before they figure out that there's more to it than they thought. To avoid this, do some research and write down every possible step. For instance, moving a half-wall in your entryway may seem easy. However, there may be wiring or plumbing that needs to be dealt with.

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How to Detect Early Signs of Foundation DamageHomeowners who can detect early signs of foundation damage can potentially avoid expensive repairs down the road. An inspection by a specialist can be used to assess the problem and suggest the repairs necessary to fix foundation damage. As a homeowner, what are the initial signs that there may be a foundation problem and what are the options?

Understand more about foundation damage and potential repairs to address the issue and protect the equity in a home.

What Are the First Signs of Foundation Damage?

A homeowner need not panic over a settling home. Older homes may inevitable experience some unevenness over time. However, a homeowner does need to be aware of the signs that a potential issue impacting the foundation of a home may be

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The Most Common Home Buying Contingencies Sellers Can Expect to SeeBuying a home is one of the largest decisions a person might make in their lifetime, and while it’s not overly complicated, it’s also not necessarily a walk in the park either. The paperwork involved when purchasing a property can be extensive, and relying on professionals to help decipher it all can be very helpful. One of the more specific items of paperwork that buyers should look out for are referred to as home buying contingencies, and we’ll uncover why they can be so important.

All About Contingencies

Just like the name identifies, a home buying contingency allows for the sale of a home to proceed contingent upon certain elements of the process working out. In the same vein, if various aspects don’t meet the needs of the buyer, they

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Ready to buy your first home? Congratulations! Buying your first home is an exciting step toward a more secure future. As experienced mortgage pro's, we’d like to offer you some smart tips to help you get off to a strong start with your home purchase. 

And remember that we are always available for a friendly consultation, should you have questions. 

First Steps to Buying Your First Home

1. It’s Never Too Early to Start Saving 

20% is the norm for a down-payment. However, several loan programs require much less. In fact, you may be surprised to know that many first-time home buying loans ask for as little as 3% down! Putting less than 20% often comes with the necessity of paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI), increasing your final

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Signs Your Roof May Need RepairOver time, roof leaks can cause permanent damage to a home. Being able to recognize the signs of a roof leak can help you decide when it's time to get professional help. While some roof leak signs are fairly straightforward, others are not. All warning signs should be investigated, no matter how small.

Dark Stains On the Ceiling or Walls

When water penetrates the sheathing on the roof, it doesn't take long to be absorbed into the walls and ceiling. Often this water is stained, causing dark wet spots. Over time, these stains are likely to grow.

You'll be able to tell that the roof (and not a pipe) is leaking if the stain grows with the weather. Stains that grow on rainy days are usually roof leaks, while stains that grow any time of the day

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