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August 2017

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Thinking about buying a home with but don't have any credit history? Striving to live debt-free is a commendable goal. However, it now leaves you facing the unintended consequence of not having any established credit history.

Not having any credit history or a credit score is a hindrance to getting a home loan as these are two of the factors that are typically reviewed when applying for a home loan.

Still, buying a home with no credit is still possible! There are ways to quickly build credit as well as other ways to qualify for a mortgage, even without any credit history.

Perhaps you've heard that job history is enough to qualify for a mortgage when you don't have any established credit. Let's explore why it may not be sufficient.

Your credit

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What to Know About the 203k Home LoanBuying a perfect house is a wonderful goal, but in the reality of today's very competitive real estate market, it may not be a very practical one. In many areas of the country, the best listings are often under contract within days or even hours of being listed, making it difficult for buyers to find and succeed in buying the home of their dreams. Buyers who want to avoid competing for too few good homes may want to consider taking a new route to find their dream home by using an FHA 203k mortgage to purchase a home that can be renovated to fit their housing needs and desires.

Using an FHA 203k Home Loan Opens Up Additional Buying Opportunities

Many of the most commonly used home mortgages, such as FHA, VA, USDA Rural Development and many

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What to Know about VA Home LoansFor nearly 80 years, servicemen returning home after military duty have been offered the opportunity to re-enter civilian life and move into a home with "no down" as a "thank you" for time spent in uniform. Today, the program still exists for all individuals who have served in any branch of the U.S. military for at least six months, or who have completed a six-year commitment with a reserve unit or in the National Guard.

The zero down payment is perhaps the greatest advantage, but that doesn't mean that there are no costs involved with a VA loan. In fact, the "funding fee" of 2.15 percent of the mortgage amount can represent a substantial amount, even though it can be rolled into the loan, meaning that a buyer doesn't have to pay out the cash in

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There are many down-payment assistance programs available across the U.S., all of which can help you purchase a home sooner than you think. Eligibility requirements vary, but there are some common positive features found in these specialized buying programs.

The Benefits of Home-Buying Assistance Programs

Helps You Purchase a Home Sooner

Assistance programs are an immediate solution to building your buying power. With it, you take action on a purchase quickly and competitively. Down payment assistance programs also give you a cushion of available funds for home maintenance and emergencies.

Makes Buying a Home Affordable and Feasible

All income levels felt the pinch of the housing crises. If this describes you, you'll want to ensure that

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Boosting Resale Value with Window ReplacementsHomeowners, particularly those who live in homes that are more than a few years old, may already know that selling their home for top dollar requires making some upgrades. For those whose homes still have older, less efficient windows, there are some very good reasons to begin the upgrade process there.

New Windows Help Strengthen Curb Appeal

Older homes that have had one or more additions added over its lifetime may have more than one style and type of window. When viewed from the curb or through photos on websites or in marketing materials, buyers may find this type of visual issue distracting or even ugly and choose to move on to another more appealing home. While replacing all the home's windows with new, matching ones is the best plan to

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Low mortgage rates have been in the news lately, making the option to refinance all the more appealing. Homeowners are eager to lock in these lowered home loan rates not only to save money their monthly payments but also have additional funds to invest or save for life's emergencies. 

Does Refinancing Make Sense For You? 

With advantages as enticing as these, you may also be eager to refinance. You may be wondering if it's a good idea to refinance to a 30-year loan. 

When you refinance to a new, 30-year loan, it's likely that your payments will be lowered since the loan amount is spread out over a greater number of years than the current loan. However, it also means paying more over the long term because the interest is applied over a longer

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FHA loans are a popular home loan choice for borrowers. Qualifying standards tend to be more flexible and down-payment requirements are lower when compared to other home loan options. 

Read on to see what makes an FHA loan an attractive mortgage option and learn how you can take advantage of this home financing opportunity. 

About FHA Loans 

FHA loans are mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration. With an FHA loan, borrowers pay mortgage insurance, which protects the lender in case the borrower defaults on the mortgage. 

 Why are FHA Loans popular? 

Since the loan is insured, FHA loans are often offered at a lower interest rate and have qualification requirements that are less strict. 

Facts borrowers need to know about FHA

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What to Know About Home Warranties When Buying a HomeYour new home purchase is almost complete. As you are working out the final details of the closing, the real estate agent suggests getting a home warranty that will cover certain home aspects in case they break down right after you move in. Scratching your head, you are unsure whether you should get one or if you really need one.

Doesn't the homeowner's insurance cover damages to the home? What exactly is a home warranty then? It's not exactly common knowledge, but it is certainly helpful to know.

Home Warranties: Protecting the Items Inside

Most buyers don't learn about home warranties until they are searching for a property to buy, or they confuse such a policy as homeowner's insurance. Yet a home warranty is not the same as homeowner's

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