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July 2017

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Potential Red Flags for Buyers When Considering a HomeWhen you're buying a home, it's important to be able to recognize a good home from a lemon. Fortunately, many of the most major and expensive problems in homes can be recognized by home buyers through their own keen eyes or other safeguards, like the home inspection. Knowing what to look for when seeing a home for the first time can help you decide which properties to consider purchasing and which are more trouble than they're worth.

Poor Drainage Outside

Poor drainage can lead to foundation problems and basement leaks.

Signs of poor drainage include:

  • Standing water on the lawn near the home
  • Ground pitched in the direction of the foundation, causing water to run into the home instead of away
  • Flaking deposits on the walls of the
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A Guide to the Capital Gains Tax for Homeowners Selling for a ProfitIf your home has increased in value during the time that you've owned it, you may be worried about capital gains taxes. Is there a chance that you may owe taxes when you sell your home? This post can help you figure out if you might owe, as well as how to reduce your tax liability at the time of sale.

Capital Gains Tax Exemptions

In the past, sellers had to roll profits from a home sale into a new property within two years to avoid capital gains taxes. Additionally, they were only allowed to take a single $125,000 exemption during their lives. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 changed that and reduced the tax burden of many sellers.

Most home sellers will not have to pay capital gains taxes when they sell because their profits fall below

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The housing market goes through shifts, and currently, we are in what is commonly known as a “seller’s market” – that is, a market in which there are more buyers than there are homes for sale. As a result, competition between buyers will increase, and you may even find yourself battling with the dreaded “all cash” offers. 

Is it possible to compete with all-cash home purchase offer? 

It may seem unlikely that anything can be more attractive, we're here to tell you that it is very possible to beat an all-cash offer! Review these top three strategies for beating all-cash offers and getting into the home of your dreams. 

Be Ready to Move 

All-cash offers don't necessarily mean that they can move quickly to take ownership of the home. They may

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Smart Technology and What Home Buyers Want to SeeSmart home technology is a hot topic among today's home buyers that is sweeping both the home market and and the real estate world. This is especially true for younger Millennial buyers who have grown up with computers, smartphones, and tablets as part of their everyday lives. With this age group now making up a significant portion of those actively searching for a home to buy, it makes sense that they want, and maybe even expect to find, some type of smart technology in the home they ultimately purchase.

While smart technology is now being incorporated into the design of many new homes, owners of existing homes can still add a wide variety of smart technology features without making invasive and expensive structural changes. Because of this,

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How to Stage a Bedroom for Children to SellBuyers like homes with spacious, clean rooms, but a typical child's bedroom can be messy and cluttered. If you're thinking about putting your home on the market, organizing and redoing this space is a good way to make your property more enticing to home buyers. 

Clean Or Remove the Carpet

A child's carpeting can get very seriously dirty over time. Depending on the condition of the carpet, spot treating and shampooing might be enough to make the floors look clean. Start by spot treating serious stains, then use a rental carpet shampooer to clean the high traction areas.

Wait a few days and let the carpet completely dry before deciding whether or not the efforts were successful. If the carpet still looks dirty, removing the carpeting may be

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Guide for the First Home SaleHomeowners living in their first home have already successfully navigated the home buying process to become homeowners. However, unless they plan to live in the home forever, statistics show that most will go on to become first-time home sellers in just thirteen years or less from their initial purchase date.

In today's fast paced real estate market, being educated about the home selling process is the best way to help new (and seasoned!) sellers avoid making mistakes that can be costly to address. If you are a homeowner preparing to sell your first home, take time to arm yourself with the following information to help make your home sale a profitable, pleasant experience.

Start Smart

First-time home sellers who want a successful,

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Is the lack of down payment holding you back from purchasing a home? It doesn’t have to! Coming up with a down payment is faster and easier than you think.

Here are the top 7 ways to come up with a down-payment for a house:

Borrow Funds From Parents

Asking parents for help to purchase a home is not unheard of and is a common course for may first-time homebuyers. Tax laws typically allow each parent to gift up to a certain amount without tax consequences; however, check with your CPA for more information about these allowances.

If your parents aren’t willing to gift you the money, consider asking them for an unsecured loan instead. Negotiate a fair interest rate from your parents --it may even be lower than that from the bank or a

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