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June 2017

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Inspection Problems that can Ruin a Home SaleAs you prepare your home for sale, you start to think about what buyers want and what they do not want. Unfortunately, many of the worst problems with a home may lie beyond your sight and may only be uncovered with a home inspection. With this list, you will have a better understanding of the kinds of issues that sit underneath the surface and could seriously affect the ability to sell a home.


Although you live in your home and spend most of your time in it, you do not see most of the structure. This is where insects like to build homes. Left unattended, termites can infest the wood structures of the property and eat them until they are unsafe, unsound and basically unlivable. The moment you realize you have a problem, it is far

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What to Know About Buying a Home With Gifted FundsPurchasing a home is an investment in the future for many home buyers. This is why parents, relatives, and others who are close to the buyers often want to help them with the purchase by making a cash gift. But using gifted funds to offset part of the cost of the purchase can lead to unforeseen consequences. Singles, couples, and families who are looking for a home to purchase or those who may be planning to do so soon can use the following information to help ensure their home buying process is not thrown off course by the offer of cash from a loved one. 

Understanding who can use gift funds

While the use of gifted funds is often mentioned in relation to first-time homebuyers, this money can also be used by repeat home buyers. Some of the

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A favorable credit score can mean a lower mortgage interest rate when you’re looking to borrow for a home. When a lender is considering financing you, they look at your credit score to determine how risky it is. In short -the higher your credit score is, the lower the risk it is to the lender. As you’ve probably guessed it, borrowers with high credit scores reap the benefits by having a lower interest rate --and this is the ideal position. 

Working on raising your credit score can take some time, but it’s well worth the effort. Over the years, a low-interest rate can save you thousands of dollars! 

Use these simple tips to get started raising your credit score to one that will give you the lowest possible mortgage interest rate on your home

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Tips to Ease the Downsizing ProcessWhen the kids are grown and retirement looms, many homeowners begin to think about downsizing out of the large home where they raised their families. For some,  the move to a smaller home represents a more economical or convenient lifestyle, while for others, selling can offer the freedom to choose a new area to call home, an opportunity to move into a retirement development, or even a chance to spend time traveling. No matter what the reason may be, every homeowner who chooses to downsize probably dreads the actual process. If you are one of the many homeowners who will be downsizing this year, the following five tips can help streamline the actual move and while also making the home selling process faster and easier. 

Decide what to keep with

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