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February 2015

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Home Selling/Buying

Did you know that the average American homeowner sells their home and moves every five to seven years? For a person who buys a home and lives in it for 30 years, this is a little difficult of a concept to understand. Regardless of which category you fall into, the question is the same: why do people sell their homes and move?

Your Home Becomes Too Small

The first time you purchase a home, it is not uncommon for it to be considered a starter home. When you buy your starter home, you do not always plan on increasing your family size. Imagine getting pregnant with triplets. Suddenly, your starter home is way too small.

You Need an Upgrade

Sometimes people just grow out of the house they have. The kitchen is too small or you want your own

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Upcoming Event

Do you consider yourself a boating fanatic? Maybe you just enjoy getting outside and love tradition? You will be happy to know the 23rd Annual Spring Boat Expo is right around the corner. If you are someone who has been to this event, you have a general idea of what to respect. If you are someone who has never been, you might be wondering what the event has to offer.

What Can You Expect?

This year the Spring Boat Expo will feature more than 100 different boat exhibits. These exhibits will feature new ski boats, pontoons, fishing boats, runabouts, kayaks, watercrafts, and more from 2015 as well as older and more classic models.

Special attractions you can expect during this event will be announced on the website. The admission times vary on

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Home Expenses

Buying your first home is so much fun. It can also be a stressful experience. You might not know what to expect with making an offer, closing, and the final amount. It is important that you know the expenses you might not have factored in that effect a homeowner. These are the expenses that will sneak up on you.

Sure, you know the amount you are going to pay once you make an offer, but you might not realize the closing costs can be a lot. You might have to pay a lawyer fee or some other hidden fee if it isn't included in the escrow. You also might run into higher closing costs depending on the state you are purchasing a home in.

Small Expenses Can Turn Into Big Ones

Small expenses can quickly turn into larger ones. Let's say you want to do

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Upcoming Event

The Habitat Detroit’s Red Carpet Bash is an amazing event that happens in February and will be on the 21st consecutive year. It is an event that is put on by Ford Motor Company Fund and raises money for Habitat for Humanity in Detroit. It is one of those opportunities you do not want to miss out on.

What the Guests Can Expect at This Event

Everyone who comes to the event will be treated like a star. You can purchase a regular ticket for seventy five dollars and get to walk the red carpet before enjoying an amazing dinner.

You can also purchase a VIP ticket for one hundred and twenty five dollars you can also enjoy a meet and greet with premium seating and dinner. Either way you will have an amazing time and all of the proceeds will go to help

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Contact your lender.

If you need to short sale your home, you will need to let your lender know. You will need to submit a letter of authorization to your lender in order to give permission to disclose information to real estate agents, lawyers, and closing companies.

Acquire a preliminary net sheet.

You will need to acquire a preliminary net sheet to detail the expected sales price and costs, and other details such as unpaid loan balances, late fees, and outstanding mortgage payments. If it’s determined through this sheet that you will receive cash from the sale, you will not need to enlist a short sale.

Write a letter of hardship.

When doing a short sale, you will need to illustrate to your lender that you are in a financially hard

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