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November 2014

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Vintage Kitchen DesignOne of the most important and functional rooms in your home has now become the central gathering place. Kitchens are the hottest room to do a makeover or remodel to your home.  No longer hidden and just for producing food, these kitchens are a focal point and hub for your family and friends.


Various extra lighting hanging from an island, accenting tile backsplash and a scheme of warm color gives dark cabinets more depth.  Fabrics, bright potted plants and texture from tiles create this elegant kitchen.

Classy Nature

Create an outdoor mountain feel with rock-like tiles. Mimic a stream of water with sleek edges and stainless steel appliances.  Blend hues and textures along with a cool shade color scheme.  Add wooden cabinets to give you

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Owner FinancingOwner financing is foreign to most sellers.  Not helping the matters, real estate agents do not always ask the sellers if they would like to pursue it or encourage it.  

Seller Knowledge of Owner Financing

Most of us are not selling our homes very frequently and our financing knowledge is usually limited to conventional bank financing.

It is nerve racking to sell a home.  It is easier for most to stick to something they know and are comfortable with.  However, if given the proper knowledge, a seller can feel more confident with Owner Financing and this can benefit them and the buyer.

If your house is not selling as fast as you would like, Owner Financing is a very beneficial and practical solution.

What is Owner Financing exactly?


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Henry Ford House - Boston-Edison NeighborhoodThe 40th Annual Holiday Home Tour and VIP Preview Gala will be held in the Historic Boston-Edison District.  The Gala will take place at the prominent Edward Fisher mansion.  The mansion is also just one of four of the Fisher homes in the Boston-Edison District.


The oldest neighborhood Association, located in the heart of Detroit, is the Historic Boston-Edison Association.  Founded in 1921, it is a neighborhood that boasts diversity in professions and occupations.

The Boston-Edison Historic District is also home to multi-ethnic and multi-racial residents that have a passion for and appreciate historic homes.  From gorgeous mansions to modest two-story homes, most were built between 1905 and 1925.  Altogether there are 900 homes in the

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Do they really have our best interest at hand?

So yesterday I get this email from my mls provider. I will withhold the persons name because I'm sure she is just doing her job and I don't hold this against her personally. So here is the email I received. If you're a Realtor but not in the Metro Detroit area, this may still sound all too familiar.

2562-silver-hill-mark-z"My name is _________, and I am contacting you from Realcomp. I am sending this email to notify you that your listing MLS  214082205 - 2562 Silverhill Drive was displaying a primary photo containing a Virtual tour banner. According to Realcomp’s MLS Rules and Regulations only the Realcomp watermark can appear on MLS exterior photos. No editing can be done to the exterior photos such as adding words or

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Holiday EventsPlenty of fun events will be held throughout the Detroit area in November. The following is a list of events to not be missed in the Detroit area for November.

Nutcracker Luncheon and Boutique, 32nd Annual Benefit for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

In the heart of the entertainment district, the Detroit Athletic Club will host this annual benefit starting at 10:30am Tuesday, November 18th.  Downtown, Midtown and Detroit area specialty shops will provide holiday gift ideas in the boutique shopping gallery.

Entertainment will be provided at the afternoon Luncheon along with raffle prizes announced by WJR’s Paul W. Smith. Shoppers can continue enjoying the day until 3pm and the event will happen at 241 Madison Avenue Detroit, Michigan.


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american flagIf you are behind on your mortgage, there is a program for you called HAMP that can easily help you.  Here are the five most common HAMP FAQ Questions:

Q: If I already have a HAMP modification that exists, can I use the new principal forgiveness program?

You could possibly use the new principal forgiveness program.  Servicers will be reviewing your loan if it was already modified; at this point, they will determine if principal forgiveness would bring this closer to market value.

Q: Do I qualify For a HAMP principal reduction?

Your property must be worth a minimum of fifteen percent less than your first mortgage.  However, this won’t be a benefit to every single borrower.  If you are eligible, our servicer will be in touch with you.

Q: How

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Home in WinterOf course you would like to sell your home when Mother Nature is at her peak during the spring, summer and fall and displaying all of her amazing colors.  However, this might not always be a convenient option.  You might have to make the most of a crisp, clean, snow-white winter.

Steps to Take When Selling in the Winter

  • Safety First - Driveways need to be snow and ice free.  Ensure a safe path to your doorway.  Utilize salt and sand as needed.
  • Protect Flooring - Once inside, you want to preserve your flooring for your prospective buyer. The sand and salt you put outside for safety is not flooring’s friend and may get brought in on the bottom of shoes.
  • Temperature - Keep it comfortable. If you have one, turn the fireplace on.  Turn the heat
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Where Can I Find a Bank Owned Property?

You can usually find bank owned properties in three places: bank websites, online specialists, and the MLS.

Bank Websites

Many banks have entire sections of their website dedicated to listing bank owned properties.

Online Specialists

Many real estate websites distribute foreclosure listings for free. You will be able to search properties according to various qualifications you have.


Many lenders will list their bank owned properties on the Multiple Listing Service, you will be able to ask your real estate agent for help.

What Do I Need To Do Before I Purchase a Bank Owned Property?

Get an inspection and appraisal.

Bank owned properties aren’t automatically bargains because

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Home ImprovementsWhen you purchase your home, the first thing you want to do is make it your own.  Before you dive in and start painting all of your rooms your favorite shade of neon green, STOP!  Think about how this decision will affect the resale of your house in the future.

There are multiple ways you can ruin your home for resale.

  • Paint choice, as mentioned above.  Easy to fix but it can become very expensive to cover up.
  • House size.  You might like having the biggest house on the block but most people are looking to fit into the neighborhood average size.
  • Vanishing walls.  If a potential buyer would like an open concept then they will probably be looking at lofts, not a house.
  • Removing or destroying the history of your home.  Keep the integrity of
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