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October 2014

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Upcoming EventsDetroit hosts a number of great events every year. There are plenty to choose from and some are just fun events, while other support a charity or include something a bit different. Here's a look at some of the interesting events coming to the Detroit area very soon.

2014 Greater Detroit ShawarmaFest - November 6th at 6pm

This event will run from 6pm to 10pm on Thursday, November 6th. It will be held at the Royal Oak Farmers Market and will include all types of fun. It's perfect for those enjoying Mediterranean cuisine or looking to try something new.

A selection of shawarma and falafel will be available, along with plenty of other dishes. This is a new event and the cost will run $10 per person for adults and $8 for kids.

26th Annual River

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If you own a home or are planning on owning a home in the near future, there’s a chance that you might want to perform some home renovations. Or you could be planning on purchasing a "fixer-upper." Luckily, there are specific loans for these exact purposes called renovation loans. The two most popular renovation loans are FHA 203k Rehab Loans and Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loans. While similar, the two loans have several main differences:

FHA 203k Rehab Loans


FHA 203k Rehab Loans have an easier underwriting process and are made up of two variations: streamlined and full. Streamlined FHA 203k Rehab Loans are generally used for cosmetic repairs that are neither complicated nor expensive.Full FHA 203k Rehab Loans are usually used for more complicated

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Hot NeighborhoodFinding a home in the right neighborhood is necessary, but not always easy. It can be difficult to get into some of the already hot neighborhoods. However, it may be possible to spot a soon-to-be hot area. Here are a few signs a neighborhood is about to be very hot.

The Hip Crowd

Often, musicians, actors, artists, writers and other individuals considered to be in the hip crowd flood a neighborhood before it becomes hot. They will be the first renters to enjoy the areas before the rest follow. This crowd is drawn to the beauty not always seen by others and they look for housing that is affordable.

Revitalization Projects

Another huge sign of an up-and-coming hot neighborhood is the revitalization projects found throughout the area. These

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Your debt-to-income ratio or  DTI is the resulting percentage of dividing your monthly liabilities by your monthly income. Lenders use this number to qualify you for a specific mortgage loan amount. Most mortgages now have a maximum back-end DTI ratio of 43% as a result of the new Qualified Mortgage rule. A back-end DTI percentage encompasses all your monthly liabilities versus your income, and a front-end DTI percentage represents your monthly housing payment versus your income. Lenders weigh your back-end DTI ratio more importantly than your front-end DTI ratio, but both numbers are very important. 

Your DTI ratio maximum will also depend on the type of loan you take out. FHA loans are dependent on whether or not your loan is automatically or

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Theatre Stage with SpotlightsPlenty of performing arts events happen throughout the year in the Detroit Metro area. However the fall and winter seasons are the most popular time for these events. As the weather becomes colder, you can escape inside for plenty of entertainment. Here's a look at some of the upcoming performing arts events near Detroit.

Michigan Opera Theatre: Giselle

This show will be held at the Detroit Opera House on November 1st and 2nd. It will start at 7:30pm on Saturday and the show on Sunday will be a 2:30pm matinee performance.

Finish to Fashion 2014

The Century Theatre will be the home the Finish to Fashion 2014 event. This event will be sponsored by the IIDA Michigan Chapter again this year. It's a unique fashion show centered around interior

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Real Estate TransactionIt's very common to see a purchase contract with provisions for prorations. This type of contract should be read closely and you should understand the prorations before signing. It may even be necessary to request a change to the verbiage used for the prorations.

Most of the time, the buyers are the ones responsible for the prorations. These changes will often show up as a debit on the closing statement for the buyer and will be a credit on the sellers closing statement.

Prorations usually increase the net profits of the seller and they cover items which were prepaid by the seller for a time when the seller won't own the property.

Prorations for Mortgage Interest

Sometimes, you will need to understand what the mortgage interest prorations are

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EventsIf you love food, beer, wine and other beverages, you will enjoy some of the fun events coming up in the Detroit area. Whether you want to try a new beer or a new dish, there are plenty of choices for your upcoming fun. Here are just a few.

MSU Brew in Downtown D - November 6th at 6pm

This event is the perfect choice for beer lovers. You can enjoy the Atwater Brewery event with a tasting of some of the best craft beers made in Michigan.

The cost is $20 per person and includes 3 Atwater craft beers, appetizers from Mudgies Deli and a limited edition souvenir glass. Mark Rieth will speak about beer making and Atwater Brewery, as well. There will also be a 2014 Rose Bowl Football, which has been autographed, raffled off.

Favorite Fall Fruits -

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5 Pumpkin-Licious Tips

Ever want to make your home look a little cozier and festive during the Fall season?  It can be quite easy to do.  Here are 5 Holiday Decoration Tips to make your home look a little more Pumpkin-Licious:

Make Them Last

Take 10 parts water to 1 part bleach and soak your pumpkins and gourds in them.  Allow them to dry then use a soft cloth with Vaseline on the pumpkins and gourds.  This will shine and seal the coating allowing them to last longer

Get Fancy

Let’s say orange isn’t your color but you still want to hone in on the fall season décor.  Use a combination of white pumpkins and spray-painted metallic pumpkins to accommodate the luxurious look of your home.  It’s easy to do.  Simply tape off the stem and

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If you’ve never before purchased a home, you may be thinking about buying a condo. Condos are great because they allow first time home buyers to enter the housing market with relative ease. However, there are some unique circumstances that come along with buying a condo: normally stringent Homeowners Associations, or HOAs. 

What is a Condo?

A condo is an individual unit for sale that is part of a larger complex.  When you buy a condo, you have shared ownership in a larger community property.  In simpler terms, a condo is an apartment that you own.

How Do I Buy a Condo?

If you want to buy a condo, you should get pre-qualified with a certified lender that you trust.  This will allow you to see exactly how much of a condo you can afford taking

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Family RoomSince everybody has a different way of decorating their home, it's important to get your home ready to be shown when selling it. Understanding what it takes to get your home ready to show is very important. Not everybody will agree with your sense of style and you need to remember, you will be moving out soon.


Neutralizing the decor and colors of your home makes a difference. This will make it easier for potential buyers to see what they can do with the home instead of what you have done with it. Regardless of how extreme your decor is, you will need to neutralize a few things as you get ready to show your home.


Another part of the process of getting your home ready is de-personalizing it. You will want to remove

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