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August 2014

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Plumber Fixing Kitchen SinkPreparing your home for selling it is a huge process. From cleaning to pack your belongings, there are a lot of tasks to do before you can really sell the home. Another problem many face is that they are tight on money at the time of the sale and don’t know how to begin preparing the home on a budget. Replacing carpeting, tiles, countertops, cabinets, and roofing for example can be very pricey. So, is there a way to cost-effectively prepare the home?

What do Buyers Care about?

Since buyers don’t spend much time looking at bathrooms, you can get away with avoiding most repairs and updates here. If you have wallpaper, remove it, and if needed you could always replace fixtures or stained tubs and toilets. Otherwise, just hang fresh towels, buy a new

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If you’re planning on buying a home in the next few months or years, you might be overwhelmed by the number of different interest rates that seem to be constantly fluctuating.  What you might not know is that your mortgage rate is mostly determined by personal factors and your history.  These factors include:

Type of Property.

Your interest rate is determined by what type of property you are purchasing.  For example, if you are purchasing a second home or investment property, you will pay a higher interest rate than if you were purchasing a first home.

Loan Amount. 

If your loan is higher than $417,000, you are technically taking out a jumbo loan.  If this is the case, you will pay a higher interest rate because your loan will be more risky to

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Emerald Green Mineral StoneStop out to one of the top shows in the United States, the Gem, Mineral, Fossil & Jewelry Show in the Greater Detroit area! This annual show has been around for 70 years and will be in the area in October.

Hosted by the Michigan Mineralogical Society, who have been around since1935 keeping the education of minerals, fossils, gems, geology, and earth science alive, the event is still highly anticipated event to this day. Here is what you can expect for the weekend:

  • Incredible displays from private collectors, top museums in the nation, and the Michigan Mineralogical Society members
  • Huge collection from some of the nation's top supplies displaying their fossils, jewelry, minerals, gems, cutting rough, lapidary supplies, and beads \
  • A place to
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It’s pretty common knowledge that real estate is influenced by the economy, job market, and mortgage interest rates.  However, you might not know that it’s also influenced by the seasons.  Fall is one of the busiest times in the year to buy a home; it’s only secondary to the amount of homes purchased in the spring.  The reason why fall is such a popular time to buy a home is because there are so many benefits associated with the season.  Some of these fall home buying benefits are:

Staying On Top of the Weather.

When you buy a home in the fall, you are avoiding the weather-related downsides associated with winter.  If you live in a city that has harsh winters, you will want to avoid moving in while dealing with low temperatures and icy roads.  On

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sellers-market-mark-z-home-selling-teamWhen the marketplace for a home gets competitive, you’re going to want to know how to get competitive back.  The real estate market is growing nationwide but while the inventory increases so does the competition to acquire these newly-listed homes.

So, how do you fight against factors such as all-cash offers, offers that are over list-price and even the affordability of a home?

Let’s assume that you are going the route of financing and you’re ready to make an offer.  Here is a list of four ways to increase your chances of getting the seller to say “YES!”

The People:

1. The Lender

Believe it or not, whoever is securing your loan can be a factor.  If you find a lender with a good reputation (this means they are trusted, recognized and the

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Birmingham MI HomesIt’s challenging to buy a home in a new state when you’re living in a different state. When you don’t live in the state you’re moving to, you might not know the neighborhoods, the best agents to work with, and what school district you’re going to want for your kids. For those looking to move to Michigan from another state, here are some tips on making the transition go smoothly.

How to Start

Before anything else, get yourself a good buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent will usually be paid for by a seller, can help guide you in the process, they’ll negotiate on your behalf while representing your interests, and will keep your information confidential. Avoid listing agent’s that represent the seller and will try to get you to pay the highest price.

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Early Morning Fog in the Farm

This September come out to the annual Dawn Farm 41st Anniversary Jamboree. This great cause is a free event for the whole family. From children’s activities to silent auctions, this event will surely be a great way to gather the community for fun and entertainment. Also the funds collected will go to those in the area that need hope-filled and compassionate care because they lack the necessary resources. Dawn Farm wants to celebrate with the community the power of hope, community, and recovery.

What Activities will they have?

The kids can enjoy pony rides, the moon bounce, and crafts. The whole family can enjoy hayrides, excellent live music, petting the animals and tours of the farm. This will keep the kids busy and having fun.

The silent

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VacationMany things could happen to your home while on vacation, so taking precautions before leaving town is crucial. There is no reason to worry about theft, your pets being properly cared for, or a leak in the home, so preparing things before your vacation will ease your fears. Here are some tips on keeping your home protected while on vacation.


First and foremost, clean anything that might produce smells and attract pests. Take the trash out before you leave and clean the fridge out.

Lights and Temps

Purchase an outlet timer from a hardware store before you go. What it does is it turns your lights on at scheduled times to make your home appear occupied and this will prevent burglars from suspecting no one is home.

If pets will be

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Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffdunncom/9661226980Detroit, Michigan is excited to announce their upcoming Jazz Festival. The festival is taking place over Labor Day Weekend, which includes August 30th, August 31st, and September 1st of this year. Head downtown to Monroe Street and Woodward Avenue for a weekend for jazz lovers. You won’t want to miss huge festival in Detroit that will mark the end of the summer.

What to Expect

For the 35th year the Jazz Festival is coming to Detroit.  This major cultural organization in the city regularly provides educational programs and concerts in jazz, and the Detroit Jazz Festival is the combination of this in one event. There will be over 100 acts that weekend covering five different stages. This huge event will bring in over 750,000 attendees, most of which

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