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November 2012

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It is important to evaluate the direction of both house prices and mortgage rates by the end of 2013 to help us make timely decisions. Recently, five reputable groups have released their prediction as to what level of appreciation we could see by the end of 2013.

  • Demand Institute Study: 1.75% appreciation
  • Urban Land Institute: 2%
  • Home Price Expectation Survey: 2.44%
  • National Assoc of Business Economists: 2.8%
  • Wall Street Journal’s Survey of Economists: 3.25%

As you can see, all groups projected an increase through the end of next year. The historic annual appreciation level of 3.6%, the rate prior to the housing bubble, still appears out of reach. 

Equally important is predicting the appreciation of mortgage rates. The Mortgage Bankers

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foreclosure-mark-z-guaranteeAs an attorney representing consumers facing outstanding debts and foreclosure, the primary reason that a consumer would file for bankruptcy is to protect against a deficiency judgment. Many homeowners may or may not have been informed, in discussing foreclosure, that losing their home is the end of the foreclosure road. However, this article is here to serve as confirmation that losing a home to foreclosure is not necessarily the final step, if a home is severely underwater.

In a typical foreclosure setting with homeowners, the proceeds from a foreclosure sale are supposed to satisfy the underlying mortgage debt. The bank will set a foreclosure sale date and sell the home to the highest bidder or may reacquire the home itself. Should the sale price at

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