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May 2012

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mobile-application-metro-detroit-property-search-mark-zThe rumors are true, we just released today our very own MARK Z. property search application and it's FREE! Currently it is only available on IPhones through Itunes, however within the next two weeks it should be available on the Android Market. Here are some of the cool features you will be able to experience when you are on the go but still have real estate on your mind:

  • You can search the entire MLS
  • See properties for sale near your current location
  • GPS Locate your current location and see properties for sale in your area
  • View videos of our latest reviews from past clients
  • View our blog posts updating the current market conditions and buyer/seller tips
  • Connect directly to an agent
  • Send us an instant message
  • Connect with us
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Can Staging Really Increase the Value of a Home?

If there were ways to increase the selling price on your home, you’d more than likely jump at the chance.  Home staging is home-staging_431just one of the many ways to command more money when selling a home in Metro-Detroit.

Home staging isn’t difficult to do, and many homeowners already do this to some degree but there are home staging services that let you do a lot more.  Imagine if you could add $2,000 to the sale of a home just be deep cleaning and decluttering.  A recent study from homegain.com showed that a little over $200 invested in such tasks could multiply that investment by 10.

Home staging is important because no matter what kind of décor you have or the style of the home, nothing looks good when it’s

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Avoid the Money Pit while Buying Real Estate in Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw County

Everyone has their dream home in mind.  It’s that perfect home design with all the right amenities that is nothinghome_inspection_homes_for_sale_northville_300_01 short of “utopia”.  It’s the perfect home.  When you actually see what looks like your dream home with an a price that cannot be beat then you’re sold in a heart-beat, ready to dump your life savings into it to finally settle down.

But rushing into buying your first home in Michigan can be a mistake, especially if you get blinded by your dreams and hopes of the perfect home.  The best way to avoid getting burned and losing money on a bad investment is to have an objective pair of eyes review the property lest your dream home transform into a real

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Principal Residential Exemption MichiganOn May 1st 2012, Governor Snyder signed legislation providing homebuyers a fair process when it comes to their property taxes.   Senate Bill 349, sponsored by Senator Dave Hildenbrand (R-Lowell) creates two Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) filing dates; one on June 1st, and the other on November 1st. Previously there was one date, May 1st of every year and if you bought a home that was non-homesteaded AFTER May 1st, then you were stuck paying the non-homestead rate until the following year. So now there are two times during the year in which you can file, June 1st and November 1st.
Additionally, this legislation allows bank-owned properties to retain their PRE so that buyers can qualify at the lower rate of taxation. This is particularly…
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