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October 2008

Found 7 blog entries for October 2008.

Bathroom Staging Tip #1:

Commodes:  Replace colored and dated commodes with inexpensive white ones.

Be sure and remove the utlitarian items from around your commode for showings and photo marketing!!



Bathrooom Staging Tip #2:

Update the old lighting!!  Lighting is an easy and inexpensive update to make a bathroom feel more move-in ready!

Special note:  the removal the old wallpaper helps too.



Bathroom Staging Tip 3:

Remove the wallpaper or neutralize the existing paper to appeal to more buyers!!



Bathroom Staging Tip #4:

Update the old vinyl flooring!  Updates to master bathrooms can help sell a home!  Many flooring materials can be purchased inexpensively and installed right over the existing

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  1. Interest Rates—the lowest in 40 years!
  2. Fewer buyers—less competition
  3. Lower buying activity—means lower prices for your buyers
  4. Sellers are more willing to negotiate, on price and other items!
  5. Buyers who are still in the market are SERIOUS
  6. People were still buying in the 1980’s when rates were 18% with 7 points! Even at that rate it made sense to buy instead of rent, and that rule applies today as well.
  7. Move-up buyers are likely to continue to buy in this market
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Did you know that if you are a  Realcomp subscriber, you have the ability to perform searches and access MLS listings (regardless of property type or status) on your mobile phone using the Realcomp Mobile® service, at no additional cost to you! Get on the internet on your phone and put in your web browser www.realcompmobile.com and then it will ask for your username and password. Enter the same username and password that you put into www.realcomponline.com and you will then be off and running.     

You have to have a phone that has access to the internet. I use a Palm 750 and it works great. I heard the Blackberry is also great for this. Use Realcomp Mobile® to access listing details, directions, listing office & agent contact info, all available…
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This is one of those very important, yet not very exciting (you could almost say boring) topics. But it’s a topic that every one of us as homeowners should pay some attention to. A little bit of routine maintenance here, and some spot checking there, can go a long ways towards making your home work better, last longer, look nicer, and all this while saving you big money. After all, it’s a lot easier to fix a little problem now than it is to fix a big problem later. Now that we’re near the end of summer (and the heat has probably done a number on your home’s exterior), it’s a good time to have a look around.

Here are some of simple items you can do to keep your home running

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If you made one extra payment a year on your mortgage; it would have the same effect as a bi-weekly mortgage, and it would cost you less.  The way a bi-weekly mortgage works is that you make half of your mortgage payment every two weeks; not twice a month. 

For those of you who are paid bi-weekly there is that euphoria you feel twice a year when you get three pay checks in one month, or 26 pay checks in one year.  A bi-weekly payment plan works the same way.  You make half your mortgage payment 26 times in a year.  26 half payments means 13 full payments; which is the equivalent to one extra payment.  The benefit comes, not so much from interest saved by making payments every other week as it does when you make 13 payments in one year.



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Spooky, scary nights await as Greenfield Village is transformed into a haunted trick or treat trail during weekends in October. Costumed ghosts and goblins flank the jackolantern lit trail, offering more treats than tricks. The experience is intended to be fun for the whole family, so parents can feel comfortable bringing the wee ones. Costumed presenters will be dispensing a variety of fun treats and goodies for all in attendance for a fitting warm up to the main event on October 31st. While your heart will be warmed by the giggles of excited children, the October air can be chilly. Jackets, hats and gloves may be necessary, so check the weather before attending. It is also advisable to bring along a flashlight, as the path is lit only by pumpkin…
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Night Terrors at Wiard's Orchards--in Ypsilanti (near Ann Arbor).
Location: 5565 Merritt Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. map on website.
Days: Grand opening September 27th, fri-sat-sun through Oct plus Halloween Eve.
Details: WE PUT TERROR IN YOUR FACE with 6 chilling attractions including: The Ultimate Haunted Barn, The Asylum, The MindShaft, The Hayride of the Lost, The Labyrinth, Alien Caged Clowns. Starts at 7:30pm, tickets $15 to $35, free parking. We also have Scareoke at no charge! For more info, please visit our website or call 734-482-7744.

Deadly Intentions Haunted House - in Warren, MI (just north of Detroit).
Location: 20900 Dequindre Road between 8 and 9 mile, inside Countyline Trade Center.
Days: Sept 26,27,28, Oct…
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